Buhari’s Associate Colonel Hassan Calls For Army Genocide In The Niger Delta...

Buhari’s Associate Colonel Hassan Calls For Army Genocide In The Niger Delta [WATCH]

By Salisu Sulaimon | Sub-Editor on January 25, 2016
Niger Delta Avengers Nigeria Troops MEND
A boy pictured in the Niger Delta | Osodi

President Muhammadu Buhari’s friend and stalwart of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Col. Hassan Stanislous-Labo has called for a military invasion of the Niger Delta communities where pipelines were vandalised a few weeks ago.

Colonel Hassan, as he is popularly referred to, made this call on Channels Television, Monday, January 25, 2015 where he said that the Nigerian Army should invade the communities in Delta State and massacre the people of the communities as the military did to the community of Odi during the President Olusegun Obasanjo regime. According to him, “the communities that refuse to produce the militants should be levelled”.

The military invaded the community of Odi in Bayelsa State in 2006 and murdered at least 2,500 unarmed civilians. Every building in the village was burnt down by the rampaging troops except an Anglican Church and the community health centre.

In 2013, a Federal High Court ordered the Federal Government of Nigeria to pay N37 billion damages to the residents of Odi for the act of genocide perpetrated by the Nigerian Army.

In the disturbing segment, the retired military colonel dismissed the Channels TV anchor who reminded him that a genocide was an abuse of human rights.

Stanislous-Labo is a leading media surrogate of the Buhari government who has set an agenda for the APC-led federal government. He is president and chief executive of Hakes Group.

Watch the video below:


  1. if d so called colonel is canvassing for Genocide in Niger Delta. He should as well suggest dat for d northern states and start there first so dey can get rid of Boko haram who are a more potential threat to our nation.

  2. Buhari should wipe out the menace called Fulani Herdsman. Those are criminals that take lives and rape women. Pure animals. Buhari should focus on that and get his bony fingers off Niger Delta oil.

    A certified dullard (Col Hassan) has called for genocide and the world is watching. Buhari is watching. I suggest that Buhari should resign or be impeached because Nigeria cannot continue like this. By the way, may thunder and fire locate and destroy the Col Hassan that made the statement in this article. May God, the Just Judge destroy him and his generations and turn his home to an ash heap. That’s what he wants for the Niger Delta and so it will come upon him suddenly in Jesus Name, Amen

  3. The world indeed is watching and kept quiet,America/Obama and Britain/David Cameron also watching and kept quiet,the rest of the world powers/leaders are watching and kept quiet.World Christian Pastors especially from America/Usa are watching and are keeping quiet.WHY?.Because they are BIAFRANS?.Men of conscience all over the world you can not keep quiet.Obasanjo/Obj thinks he is getting away with his,that’s why this col Hassan is mentioning this and using it as a yard stick to propose to do his.Well the Scientist Einstein has said it all many years ago and said”THE WORLD IS FULL OF EVIL NOT BECAUSE OF EVIL PEOPLE BUT BECAUSE OF PEOPLE WHO DO NOT DO ANY THING ABOUT IT”.The colonel is not to be blamed,his mentality is not any different from any northerner,after all ”BAYELSER OIL BELONGS TO JIGAWA”.So Niger Deltans.Shut Up,who are you,that’s what the colonel is directly or indirectly telling us or reminding us.well Niger Deltans we can not do any thing right now,just play it cool and watch,for now displace not your annoyance/grievances by blowing up the pipe lines,it is a useless cause,Nnamdi Kanu had advised you all many months ago to just EMBRACE BIAFRA that’s it and your problem is/will be over period/full stop.The OWNER IS ALWAYS THE OWNER.Nobody can change your destiny,it is given and it is given by the GOOD LORD/GOD period, any other usurper is a thief.The good Lord has given the oil and land to niger deltans in Biafra land that settles the case,Force can not prevail nor settle it,it does it only temporarily not permanently.Any way wake up niger deltans and ANSWER YOUR NAME/BIAFRA all these nuisance/mess, thievery by intruders will stop.All these wicked people/monster has to be dragged to ICC at Hague and prosecuted,that’s where they belong,we are in 2016 not 2006.For the pipe lines,BOMB NOT ANY MORE,don’t be like them,BARBARIANS,you are BIAFRANS ,matured and educated,you are embodiment of DEMOCRACY and ITS PRINCIPLES,Remember your were DEMOCRACY/DEMOCRATIC already before America and Britain even think of being,what more of embracing democracy and its principles.Teach them more of democracy because democracy is full of you,you live and breathe democracy as Biafrans.Minus it how can you would have survived in this HUSTLE Nigeria up to this age/time.As Biafran you believe in LIVE AND LET LIVE and RESPECT OF HUMAN LIFE AND THE SANCTITY OF IT,The Igbos call it Mmadu(THE BEAUTY OF LIFE),that’s what MMADU literary means(BEAUTY OF LIFE).YOUR BELIEVE IN GIVING AND SHARING.Can the NORTH do what you have done up to this time if this OIL belongs to them.So my brothers SHIELD YOUR SWORD FOR NOW.ITS NOT TIME YET.There are many ways to skil a cat.BARBARISM IS NOT YOUR NATURE.YOUR ARE MATURED, no matter how you are provoked.Teach them a good lesson by been civil and maintain your coolness,the owner is always the owner,you are not fight your God given GIFTS with any body because you never fight any body for theirs either,let people like Colonel Hassan and his cohorts continue their rampage and their murderous acts,let us behave like our Heavenly Father GOD,do you see him wrestle with the Thief SATAN,NO,still all POWER belongs and resides with him.They can fracas all the want,ONE THING IS CERTAIN,AS LONG AS GOD/JESUS CHRIST remains on the THRONE,THE FORCES OF EVIL WILL NEVER PREVAIL AGAINST THE FORCES OF GOOD.The colonel and his cohorts know the TRUTH.Where is HITLER to day and the rest of all those MACHOs/ or the so called strong and tyrants men/monster of this world.That’s why you are a BIAFRAN,because you understand the intricacies of this world and life,because your HEAVENLY FATHER has taught you these things.Is ISREAL NOT EXISTING UP TO TODAY,STRONGER THAN EVER.LET THE COLONEL BRING IT ON,WE are waiting,first let him finish with the monster/Boko haram they have created/bred and nurtured in the north and apply the same measure he wants to do in the niger delta,before bringing it over to niger delta,it has taken 7 years plus now and he has not applied it over there all these while/times.HYPOCRITES/LIARS AND CHEATS.Who has been holding them back from unleaching the same mayhem on BOKO HARAM all this time.Please Niger Deltans don’t play their SCRIPTS,they think they are wise,may be to their own standard,that’s why NIGERIA is so BACKWARDS in almost everything and in such a rot/sorry state because they always see things in this shallow prism of TRIBALISTIC NORTH AND SOUTH ETHNIC STUPID AND HOPE LESS AGENDA COUPLED WITH THEIR COVER UP ISLAMIC MISSION.This is why Nigeria after 55 years, up on all her endowed natural resources/GIFTS from God is in these SHAMELESS STATE.Hopelenesses every where.These are the same people that have been at the helm of affairs or presided over the affairs of Nigeria all these years,Shameless people,you could see his mentality there while he is speaking and addressing the whole world at that TV station forum.So my brother let us hold our PEACE for now,THE VICTORY IS ALREADY OURS.

  4. FYI, Niger Delta is not Biafra land as wrongly purported by the former writer. Biafra is IGBOH ideology to fight for Ibo man and Niger Delta belongs to the people of Niger Delta. What Nigerians fail to understand is that the minority groups in Nigeria will not remain slaves to the so-called majority group forever.
    We have have been marginalized and pushed to the wall for so long and a day shall come when we shall fight back and reclaim our looted wealth.
    The lunatic called col. Hassan is so myopic that he cannot think properly. Obasanjo massacre the election of Odi and forgot about the wrath of God. He’s one of the richest men in Nigeria but I can bet you that he’s not living a normal life. He still beg for money and honor from Buhari in spite of his riches.
    Nigeria is on the verge of colapsing and I hope the so-called will not step on those things that will trigger the brake up of Nigeria. We are so close.

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