Nowadays a lot of people often ask one question: how to dress for church attendance?

Some people can’t understand why they must wear some special clothes when they’re going to visit a church and why they can’t go there in their common comfortable for them outfits?

Maybe someone says that it doesn’t matter how you dress going to the church and this is a thing of the past! Don’t listen to such person and don’t trust that it doesn’t matter! It matters… It really matters for you especially because your outfit can say a lot about you, about your attitude to faith and about the purity of your heart`s intent.

Today there are many variations of modest church outfits that will help you to express your respect for the church and religion, but also will help you to look modern and trendy.

Here are some clever ideas of proper church outfits for women.

Midi skirts with a sweater, shirt or blouse

Ladies, when you’re going to the church look at your wardrobe one more time and you’ll certainly find a midi skirt or maybe several midi skirts there.

Any midi skirt is a nice choice for the church attendance, but pay attention to its color. Don’t forget that you should choose the clothes of the modest colors for church (don`t wear any bright or too colorful clothes).

A sweater or a blouse of the mild colors without plunging necklines and with long sleeves half-or ¾-length sleeves fit perfectly for such purpose.

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Humble maxi skirts with a shirt, jacket or sweater

Maxi skirts fit ideally for the church visit. But be careful! You shouldn’t wear a slit maxi skirt and avoid bright skirts. Be more moderate, prudent and temperate when choosing a suitable outfit for the church. One color skirt will fit the mild sweater or shirt. If you`d want to wear a T-shirt, it`s also possible just hide your shoulders with the help of the jacket or cardigan.

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Long, ¾-length, short sleeve midi and maxi dresses

The dress is a common uniform for women in the church. There are three basic conditions for them: sleeves must be short, long or ¾-length, such dress shouldn`t have the neckline and the length of the dress should be right or below the knees. Before going to the church be sure that your dress is not too short and not too tight!

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Appropriate shoes for church

If you`re going to the church forget about trainers, aka heels and “prosti shoes”. In this case wear low-heeled shoes (your heels must be lower that 3 inches), ballet flats or any flat shoes.

You see that it’s not so difficult to choose the right clothes and shoes for a church visit. You have to have the will to choose the appropriate outfit for church.  

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