7 Common Beginner Mistakes When Growing Cannabis

7 Common Beginner Mistakes When Growing Cannabis


Just like with anything that’s worth doing, growing cannabis takes practice. You could be forgiven for thinking that it’s easy to do. It’s just growing a plant, right? It is a little more complicated than you might first think, and there are a lot of factors to take into consideration to grow a great cannabis plant. We have created a list of some of the most common mistakes that new growers have made, so hopefully you can avoid them.

Not Managing pH

When you first start growing cannabis, you will come across lots of formulas that you may not have encountered since science class at school. You will hear about so many formulas that the natural decision is just to ignore them and try to just water the plant. It can be a little daunting, and we agree that some of it can be ignored – but pH is incredibly important. If you don’t manage the pH correctly, the plants can struggle. If you have bad pH levels – this makes for dying cannabis plants. If you find any nutrient issues with your plant, this is usually a pH problem.

Too Much Nutrients

This is one of the mistakes that is incredibly easy to make, so don’t worry you won’t be alone. One of the main issues here is that when you purchase nutrients, most of those companies also have a schedule for feeding – but they always tend to be too much. Nutrient burn is something that can be a result of over feeding the plants. This normally wouldn’t kill your plants but will be visible whilst they are growing. In order to avoid this, use only a quarter of the recommended dosage from your nutrient supplier.

Watering the Plants too Much

It’s a common myth that the more you water plants, the more likely they will grow or that they should be watered every day. That’s not the case. This usually means that people who are new to growing cannabis can water them too much. If you do overwater them, they may appear a little bit droopy – and in worst case scenario you could kill the plants. They can however be restored from this if they haven’t yet got to that level.

Poor Starting Genes

Poor starting genes can be a problem for new growers. It can be a bit tempting to try and grow plants from free seeds that are found in their marijuana plants. The unfortunate reality is that the seeds that are found in bag seed are normally duds. If they are not dubs, they will usually be hermaphrodite seeds, runts or males. There could also be some seeds from sick plants that are used – which means there is a large possibility that they will never reach maturity. In order to avoid this, make sure that you get your seeds from a reliable source. It doesn’t need to cost you the world – you can get some high quality discount cannabis seeds online from sites such as discountcannabisseeds.co.uk

Need More Light

Light is incredibly important when it comes to growing your own cannabis plants. Too often new growers don’t ensure there is enough. We aren’t saying that you need to go out straight away and buy 1,000 watt bulbs, but we have seen them sitting them by a window when there is no sun, a very low wattage bulb or sometimes even a reading light. This means that you need to buy a light that is proportionate to what you expect your plant to grow.

Not Keeping them Safe and Secure

One of the biggest problems that we have noticed when it comes to new growers is keeping plants safe and secure. Never do things such as leave your plants on window sills where they can be easily viewed, post pictures of plants featured on social media or elsewhere that has an indicator as to where they could be, grow them in the back garden where there is little security or low garden fences. If people see them, then there is a chance that they could be taken. This might sound simple, but it’s something that people forget.

Harvesting your Plants too Early

Things don’t always happen quickly when it comes to growing marijuana – so there is definitely some patience that’s required. The most frustrating part of this is simply waiting for the appropriate time to actually harvest your cannabis plant. If you do harvest too early – it will reduce the weight of the plant, and the nutrients will have less of an effect.

Hopefully you can learn from some of the mistakes mentioned above – and avoid making them yourself. Good luck on growing your next cannabis plant.


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