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4 Creative Ways To Use Flower Essence In Your Daily Life

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[dropcap]F[/dropcap]lowers are a magical creation of the God which has multiple usages. From decorating the home to decorating the self, from making lovely flower bouquets to using those in various perfumes, the use of flowers has always been beneficial to us. A flower essence is one such wonderful thing which is extracted from flowers and is used in many ways like in soaps, perfumes, candles, aroma oils, etc.

This flower essence helps in checking any mental, physical, or spiritual obstacle and better the quality of life, and there are other benefits. Research a bit on Google and prepare your own flower essence and for that, you must visit the best flower shops in London because of quality matters the most.

Traditionally, flower essence is taken orally by placing a few drops under the tongue because this way is effective and powerful. But apart from that, here are some creative ways depicted in which flower essence can be used for better benefits.

flower essence

Juice and Smoothies

Juices and Smoothies, as the nutritionist and doctors suggest are must lead a healthy and long life. If you add a few drops of flower essence in your favorite orange or pineapple juice or banana or strawberry smoothie, the taste would enhance for sure. Juices and Smoothies are consumed during breakfast and adding a few drops of flower essence of rose, jasmine, lotus, etc. would make you more energetic and refreshing for the whole day.

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Add Flower Essence to Bathing Water

A good bath is all you need to start anything afresh! Ancestors used to start their daily activities of eating, cooking, going outside for work, etc. after a bath. Because a bath cleanses your body, energizes your cells, signals the mind to take up the whole day, and calms the mind. When you are feeling stressed, you must have heard your mom saying to wash your face or to have a bath because by doing that your mind and body balances. The habit of pouring a few drops of flower essence like Soulflower wheat germ or lavender in your bathing water would be really relaxing. Your sleeping would improve, the mind would remain cool, and you would feel more energized. You may talk to the famous florists in London, UK who can give you more information about the best places to shop for the flower essence.

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Mix Flower Essence in Lotions and Creams

Moisturizing the body, hand, or face is essential at least once a day in normal weather and twice to thrice during the winter season. Just mix flower essence in your favorite lotion, cream, or oil and remain energized all through the day. Your skin would remain soft and supple and you would glow more for sure. Lavender or rose essence would be the best ones in this regard.

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Rub Flower Essence on Pressure and Pulse Points

Always keep flower essence in your home when you have family members who suffer from joint pains. Rubbing a few drops of flower essence on these pressure or pulse points and massaging in circular motion really heals the pain. Touch-me-not or Impatiens flower essence is very effective in this case.

So, next time when you are gearing up to get a flower delivery in London to celebrate someone’s special day, don’t forget to share these useful tips on flower essence with that person.

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