wedding anniversary gifts

Traditional and modern gifts for the 7th wedding anniversary are copper, wool, or desks. That’s a fairly general category of gifts. So, how do you pick the best anniversary gift for the couple celebrating their 7th year of marriage?

wedding anniversary gifts


Copper is the symbol of prosperity, good luck, and fortune. You can find gifts like copper urns for flowers, potpourri, or stones, candlesticks, bookends, or wind chimes. You could also get personalized nameplates or photo frames so the couple can put their favorite photo inside.

wedding anniversary gifts
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Wool symbolizes comfort, durability, warmth, and strength, all aspects of the couple’s relationship who have reached this milestone. In Roman times, brides would touch the threshold of their new home with wool to imbue the home with the qualities of the wool.

And Proverbs 31 describes women of “noble character” as those who spun wool into yarn and made items from it.

For gifts, you might choose a wool blanket or throw, sweaters, or wool-lined gloves (matching leather gloves even better).

Desk Sets

This is a more modern gift idea and can incorporate the couple’s interests. Or, if they have space, you could gift each couple their own desk, perhaps with similar lines, but customized to each person. Another idea is to purchase a DVD or Blu-Ray copy of the movie Desk Set for the couple to enjoy.

wedding anniversary gifts


The traditional gemstone for the 7th wedding anniversary is the onyx or yellow sapphire. You could give matching rings with the stone for him and her.


Yellow is associated with the 7th anniversary, so you could purchase gifts like bedding, curtains, or other home décor in yellow. Yellow is bright and cheery and helps to reduce depression, so it makes a great gift for the home.

wedding anniversary gifts


The Jack-in-the-Pulpit is a wildflower that commonly grows in wet, wooded areas. These hooded plants make a great addition to a flower bed or decorative garden. Or, you can find knickknacks or fake plants if your couple doesn’t have a green thumb.

If you’re looking for gifts for gay weddings, you might not want to go the traditional route. So, here are some things you might consider gifting the gay couple on their 7th wedding anniversary.

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Who doesn’t love to travel? Book a weekend getaway at a cozy bed and breakfast or a short cruise.


Book a couple’s massage for the married people and you’re sure to get on their good list!

wedding anniversary gifts


A couple bottles or a case of wine always makes a great gift. Just make sure that neither of the people involved take medications that would prevent them from enjoying alcohol.

Traditional Gifts

Some traditional gifts for heterosexual anniversaries can be modified for same-sex couples. You could still give copper jewelry engraved with the couple’s names or a woolen blanket or comforter for the bed.

A 7th wedding anniversary is something to celebrate! We’ve given you all the tools you need to pick out the perfect anniversary gift for the couple on your list celebrating their 7th year together!

wedding anniversary gifts


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