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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Inevitable Retirement: What Does That Mean To Football And Online Sports Betting Site – 1xbet.ng?

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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he years, they are a-passing, as Bob Dylan would most certainly say, and the fact is that  Cristiano Ronaldo is not getting any younger. The current striker (not winger, anymore) for Juventus is currently 35 years old, and one would expect him to play until he’s 40 — but at what cost? The online sports betting site – 1xbet.ng – has open bets for the age at which Ronaldo will retire, and we’re closely following his case.

Cristiano is one of the most revered athletes in the world, and for a reason: the guy put his body and mind into the sport, and he’s never quite satisfied until he reaches the top. He won for pretty much every club he competed with — except for Sporting CP, to which he might still come back in the latter years of his career —, and there’s not a single trophy he hasn’t yet won (maybe with the exception of the Europa League, since he always went for the European Champions Cup which is worth much, much more.

So be sure to follow whatever is going to happen at his career through the online sports betting site – 1xbet.ng. Whenever there’s news about where Ronaldo might head next, the website is going to be updated and you can find everything you need, of course including bets, over at the

You can watch Ronaldo at 1xbet : watch football live online, wherever he goes

Nobody is quite sure about what’s left for Ronaldo at this point — he might go and try Germany out, although one would suspect he’s a bit tired of the cold climate — that’s why the left England in the first place. In any case, you can be sure that 1xbet : watch football live online will have updated info and bets on wherever he goes next!

Ronaldo is one of the most accomplished players of the sport, if not the most:

  • he won many European Champions Cup, with Real Madrid;
  • he won all leagues in which he competed in, except for the Portuguese League with Sporting CP;
  • at last, Portugal won a big international competition, the Euro 2016, and so he also won with the National Team,
  • and now he’s probably hunting the ECL with Juventus, and that would place him among the GOAT of sports for sure!

So the point is, Ronaldo is really only after the European Champions League at this point, and if he gets it with Juventus then it should be pretty clear that he will be leaving in the end of the season. But don’t forget! He’ll always be available at 1xbet : watch football live online

At 1xBet – watch sport online streaming, there’s plenty for everyone

Of course, when you tune in on 1xBet – watch sport online streaming to watch Ronaldo, lots of other people will be using the service at the same time. But don’t let it discourage you, as obviously the servers can handle the pressure, and it will be much more fun for everyone involved!

So keep track of Ronaldo, which is probably your favorite player at this point, and make sure to check 1xBet – watch sport online streaming regularly to follow updates on his whereabouts. We suspect either coming back to England or chasing the one last title he’s missing in his career: the Portuguese League, for Sporting CP, his home club. Maybe that’s how his career ends, and that would really be one of the most beautiful endings ever.

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