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Cynthia Morgan Blasts UK Based Comedian, Wale Gates

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Dance hall queen, Cynthia Morgan has responded to Wale Gates comment over her statement that she would not date any of her colleagues because they are broke.

Wale Gates who wasted no time to spite the “German Juice” crooner on twitter got his own piece of the beef from the “Godmother”.

Cynthia Morgan was not happy with his response on twitter as she blasted him back stating she would “Smack d fuck outta” him.

Cynthia Morgan while granting an interview with Saturday Beats, she denied knowing the comedian.

She stated that her comment was not any of his business and wondered why he would butt into her affairs.

“Wale Gates is not even my colleague.

“I don’t know him.

“The only thing i know about him is that he talks a lot on twitter.

“I don’t have any issues with him.

“I cannot have a problem with somebody that i don’t know.

“He is known for trash-talking a lot on twitter.

“There was a time he actually said some insulting things about my governor, Adams Oshiomole.

“I stand by my words; I cannot date an entertainer not to talk of getting married to one.

“I would prefer to have a relationship outside the industry.

“Inasmuch as I think that if you date someone in the industry, they would understand you better, I cannot date my colleague.

“When I said that my colleagues were broke, I was not generalising because I exempted some people.

“The fact that Wale had insulted my governor and also snooped into my business got on my nerves because he is not my colleague and what I said has nothing to do with him.

“If I don’t know you and we do not relate, I don’t expect you to comment on anything that regards me,” she stated.


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