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Dear Men, When To Ask For Sex… And When Not To [WATCH]

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Every so often a set of rules comes along that is totally perfect.

And that’s exactly what mothers everywhere can say about The Mum Code, an important list of do’s and don’ts telling husbands exactly when they should and shouldn’t ask for sex.

Emily Wright, a 31-year-old mother, lays out these rules in a series of charts, explaining that the key to getting sex is all about TIMING.

Hear that all the husbands out there? It’s about the timing. So are you ready? Here we go…

The mum code: Rules for when a man can ask his wife for sex

Rule One: When the kids go to sleep.

Do NOT approach for sex immediately after the kids have gone to bed.

kids asleep

Rule Two: How clean the house is

A messy house means no sex. A clean house means no chance.

house messy

Rule Three: Weeks since mum visited the hairdresser

If mum hasn’t been to the hairdresser in 4, 5 or 6 weeks you have no chance of sex.


Rule Four: How many glasses of wine mum’s had

Jump in there at the two to three glass mark. Not before, not after.


Rule Five: The master chart

When all the charts meet, that is your target time for sex.


It is all about the timing. Simple.

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