Tokenized Securities From A To Z

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You must have heard about tokens and their potential in the digital finance market. Tokenized securities must have caught your attention as well. If not, let us talk about them in this piece. Tokens, or cryptocurrencies, have been around for years now. Experts have been trying to make improvements on these assets so that they can become more useful in the finance markets. Tokenized securities are undoubtedly the latest evolution of tokens. So what are they? What do they do? And why should you know about them? Let us break it down.

What are Security Tokens?

A security token is basically a cryptocurrency asset that is regulated by securities laws. Security tokens are considered by most to be the natural evolution of simple cryptocurrencies. They combine the power of a digital currency with the power of a real-world security. They are thus the foremost digital securities for those looking to invest. They are digital assets that come with all the benefits of a modern asset established in a digital blockchain infrastructure.

The Importance of Security Tokens

Having understood what security tokens are, the next natural question is – why are they important? And even better, are they worth your time? Indeed, security tokens are everything from a promising investment option to a truly world-changing technology. If you are an investor or an enthusiast of the investment markets, then you know that the traditional market is hindered by high fees, sluggish deal-making process, and overall inefficiency. With security tokens, you get to enjoy things like:

  • Access to the global market
  • Reduced bureaucracy as a result of automated functions
  • Decentralization and protection from institutional manipulation
The Legal Standing of Security Tokens

After establishing why they are important, it is also crucial to figure out if security tokens are even legally compliant. The simple answer to this question is – yes. While the laws are still evolving, security tokens are the only form of digital currency that you will find to be compliant to most regulations as of now. There are indeed roadmaps for regulation and regulatory authorities are committed to ensuring that security token implementation is done correctly. There are currently several regulations that determine the authorities that are supposed to oversee the market. Issuers, exchanges, and other actors in the market are also currently subject to various regulatory regimes.

The Risks of Security Tokens

Finally, it is important to know why security tokens are advantageous especially in the current world. Additionally, the risks associated with security tokens are equally important. Since the blockchain technology is still evolving, it will not be a surprise to find out that a number of disadvantages exist in the market. To begin with, issuers are given much more responsibility than what is normal in the traditional markets. Issues like security assurance, getting investor interest and underwriting deals are traditionally done by financial institutions. In a market where no central authority exists, many investors are worried that issuers are incapable of replacing financial institutions in the security tokens market. The veracity of these concerns is yet to be established though.


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