Dirty Little Secret: Wives Who Are Sex-Starved… And Their Men Have The...

Dirty Little Secret: Wives Who Are Sex-Starved… And Their Men Have The Problem

By Healthy Black Woman on May 24, 2014
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When it comes to couples that aren’t having sex because one of them has a low sex drive, people almost always think the woman is the one who doesn’t want it. The fact is that men have low libidos too it just isn’t spoken about as often because they feel less “masculine” if they don’t feel like being intimate with their partners.

A very popular women’s magazine conducted a survey. It showed that 60% of women said that they wanted to have sex just as much and sometimes more than their spouses. Most of the men that have a lower libido than their wives do not want to talk about it. They do not want to go to see a therapist or a doctor as they feel embarrassed. They certainly do not talk to their friends about it. How many guys do you think go around bragging to their friends that they turned their wife down last night? Not many, that is for sure!

Another study showed that in a marriage where the woman is the one with a low libido the number of times that couples have sex is higher than those where the man is the one with the low libido. This is because when the woman is rejected by her husband often times she gives up right away and that is the end of it.

Often times men will continue to try and turn their partner on. Many men reject sex at night for some of the same reasons that women do such as stress, emotional disconnect, or they are simply too tired. It is not because they don’t find their wives attractive anymore or because they are cheating which is most likely where their wife’s mind is going.

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