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Donald Trump’s Georgia Arrest Ignites $7.1 Million Fundraising Frenzy

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ATLANTA, USA – Donald Trump’s 2024 election campaign announced that it has raised $7.1 million since the former President was arrested and charged last Thursday in Atlanta, Georgia.

Trump was charged with plotting to overturn Georgia’s 2020 election results.

His mugshot, taken at Fulton County jail where he surrendered to law enforcement, has seemingly become a fundraising magnet for the campaign.

Trump, who posted bail set at $200,000, faces three other indictments related to his false claims about election fraud and the January 6 Capitol riot.

Trump’s fundraising total for the day following his arrest reached $4.18 million, reportedly the campaign’s highest single-day haul.

The campaign claims to have raised nearly $20 million in the last three weeks, in the wake of the indictments related to the Georgia election and the Capitol riots.

Much of the money has come from campaign merchandise, including mugs, T-shirts, and drink coolers featuring Trump’s scowling face.

The campaign’s online store has been a hub of activity, and supporters have received messages asking for financial contributions.

On Thursday, Trump posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) for the first time since January 2021.

His post included his mugshot and the caption “Election interference. Never surrender!” along with the URL of his campaign website.

Trump has vehemently denied all charges against him and maintains that the legal actions are politically motivated.

“This is an attack on our country and the great patriots who make up our beautiful movement,” he said on Saturday, August 26, 2023.

The former President insists that he is leading the race for the Republican nomination for 2024 and aims to challenge incumbent Democratic President Joe Biden.

Critics of Trump see the indictments as a critical step in holding him accountable for undermining the democratic process.

Yet, his base of supporters appears to be undeterred, if not emboldened, by the legal challenges he faces.

The former President’s legal woes unfold amid an already tense political climate, adding another layer of complexity to the upcoming 2024 elections.

Legal experts suggest that the court cases could stretch out for months, if not years, potentially overlapping with the election cycle and bringing unprecedented challenges to American democracy.

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