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#Dumb: See How This ATM Thief Foiled His Own Robbery Attempt [WATCH]

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Police in the city of Townsville in Queensland, Australia, are looking for information about a criminal mastermind who attempted to steal an ATM Tuesday night, but was foiled by his own ineptitude.

The unidentified male’s plan, according to Queensland Police, went like this:

1) Disguise self as Scarecrow from “Wizard of Oz.”

2) Steal a truck.

3) Drive to gas station.

4) Attach chain to ATM.

5) Drive away with ATM in tow.

As seen in the video — with its silent film-style soundtrack — the suspect smashes through one of the gas station’s doors and affixes his chain to the cash machine. But that’s when the plan starts to come apart. He drives away without realizing the chain has separated. Not to be deterred, on a second attempt, he parks too far from the ATM and can’t get the chain to reach.

So, realizing that planning is not his strong suit, he flees the scene.

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