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Delta State First Lady Edith Okowa Makes Predictions For 2017

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As Nigerians celebrate Christmas and make preparations for the new year, Edith Okowa, the first lady of of Delta State has made predictions for 2017.

Although not all dreams and aspirations of Nigerians will materialise by the end of this year, Mrs Okowa is optimistic that the upcoming year will be greater and better than the leaving 2016.

At a Christmas party organized for children selected from the 25 local government areas of the state and gathered at the expansive Delta government house, Okowa’s wife said God has said that whether Nigerians like it or not, 2017 will be a great and a memorable year for all who trust in the Almighty God.

Delta State’s First Lady Edith Okowa’s in the midst of the children at the party

Mrs Okowa, who was happily dancing with the kids, said God has spoken and his word must definitely come to pass irrespective of the actions and inactions of the devil.

“The Lord is saying to all of us that 2017 whether you like it or not is a good year for those who love God. The prophecy has been released. Whether we like it or not, God has spoken, it must come to pass.

Whether the devil likes it or not, there is going to be an overflow. What will happen in 2017 somebody has said that eyes have not seen it, nor ears heard of it. Therefore let us put our motives right so as to receive the best from God in 2017,” the governor’s wife said.

Mrs Okowa, who felt pained over the death of people who gathered for worship at the Reigners Bible Church that collapsed in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state capital, called on Nigerians to thank God for keeping them alive to celebrate the end of 2016 and bringing them to 2017 without hitches.

The woman who rode on the back of her husband to glamour, glory and honour, invited Nigerians to have a visit to the hospitals and see the conditions of patients, a development which she said will compel them to always thank God for their lives as they live healthy from day to day.

Delta State’s First Lady Edith Okowa’s in the midst of the children at the party

“People went for a church service and they were dead. We as children of God need to tell God thank you. If we begin to count the blessings the Lord has done to us as a state, we have reasons to say thank you Lord. In the midst of recession, Delta state is still moving forward. Not by man not by our work, it is by God Almighty.

“As we are all gathered here, have you thought of going to the hospitals? Have you seen what is going on there? When you go there, you have reasons to say thank you Lord. Delta children, mothers and fathers, remember that the time is closing up.

“It is time for us to come closer to God. If you wake up in the morning and find yourself still holding grudges against somebody, then you don’t know what is going on. If you have somebody you don’t talk to, then something is wrong with you.

“Jesus is coming soon. Mothers should observe their children. God is going to require the blood of these children from our hands. Teach them the word of God. This is the time to come close to God. You are only sure of today but not tomorrow. If you have not given your life to God, do it today. Tomorrow might be too late,” Mrs. Okowa concluded.

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