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Dear El Rufai, Drop The Phantom Charges Against Audu Maikori Now

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A Global Champion for Change and human rights lawyer, Carol Ajie, has written an open letter to Governor Nasir El Rufai of Kaduna State over his draconian approach to leadership and on-going state vendetta against his critics and those who speak against the killings in Southern Kaduna. 

Dear Governor Nasir El Rufai,

I have read you in the media vow to prosecute a “little” man from Kaduna State for his ‘reckless tweet’ long after he had deleted it and apologized to his readers with reference to the genocide in Southern Kaduna.

Initially, I didn’t want to jump in because the man was described as a lawyer and I never heard his name until now. Afterall I didn’t also hear of some of the governor-beneficiaries of the tenure elongation campaigns when I humbly began and pioneered those advocacy efforts from 2008 to 2012 and won!

The young man you seek to send to jail is probably of the same age as some of your kids. Don’t send that kid to jail. He wrote a message (not even from the position of high authority), he deleted it and you still go after him – your unforgiving spirit….

Sir, were you not the top citizen in 2013 who derided our Lord Jesus Christ and you were forgiven? Read the 2013 tweet hereunder being post under signature column.

Recall in the days leading to 2015 campaigns and someone very highly placed made inciteful statements about dogs and baboons soaking up in blood right in your jurisdiction… you looked away. Today, he is president of Nigeria.

If he was prosecuted for the statements, won’t you have tagged it “political intolerance”?

Recall his opponent then said that his political ambition is not worth the blood of any Nigerian.

Those are the men are regarded as people in authority and capable of incitement not Audu Maikori.

Please leave Audu alone! Stop the persecution of any Nigerian based on expression of their right to free speech!

Stop now!

Thank you!

CN Ajie
Human Rights Attorney

Carol Ajie is a constitutional and human rights attorney and a Global Champion for Change. She can be reached via email HERE

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.

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