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Extreme Love: Fast & Furious Fan Sets His Car Ablaze In Tribute To Dead Actor Paul Walker (PHOTOS)

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Car On Fire The Trent

A driver’s car burst into flames after he revved the engine for 20 minutes in a tribute to Fast & Furious film star Paul Walker on Monday December 16th 2013.

The unnamed motorist’s Ford Focus became engulfed in flames during a memorial event to the 40-year-old actor who died last month and was buried on Saturday.

Drivers had gathered in a shopping centre car park to pay tribute to Walker, when all of a sudden fire broke out and the fire service was called.

Car On Fire The Trent 2

Local councillor Andrew May blasted the reckless driver following the stunt at the Beach Boulevard Retail Park in Aberdeen.

He said:

“I cannot understand the mentality of a person who would do a thing like that.

It is extremely fortunate that whoever was doing the revving was not harmed.

I just cannot understand why anyone would do such a thing. If the car belonged to the person who did this, then good – maybe they will have learned a lesson.”

Fellow councillor Nathan Morrison added: ‘It is pretty ridiculous that someone was revving their engine for so long.’

A spokesman for Track and Street Grampian said the hundreds of car enthusiasts who are part of the group were ’embarrassed’ by the ‘stupid’ driver’s actions.

He said:

“We do not condone this behaviour but sadly there are people out there that think it’s appropriate to act like this.

‘The person involved sat on the rev limiter for 20 minutes, which is an inexcusable thing to do in any car.

Due to excessive heat and stupid behaviour on his part, this car sadly went up in flames.
It was his fault.”

Car On Fire The Trent 3

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