How Former Borno Governor And APC Chieftain Ali Modu Sherriff Funds Boko...

How Former Borno Governor And APC Chieftain Ali Modu Sherriff Funds Boko Haram

Ali Modu Sheriff Sherrif PDP
Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, National Chairman of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) and former Governor of Borno State

The Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau on Monday, May 5, 2014 claimed responsibility for the abduction of 300 girls of the Government Secondary School, Chibok in Borno state on April 14, 2014.

After three weeks of being held captive, the sect is alleged to have begun the sales of these girls in human sex market in Cameroon and Chad, where the children are forcefully married and sexually abused.

The search for the girls has intensified with President Goodluck Jonathan accepting President Obama’s offer to help in the search and rescue of the Chibok girls.

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According to reports by Nigerian Standard, Borno state governor, Kashim Shettima, allegedly entered into an oath with Shekau to continually shield Boko Haram members in face of flagrant violation of laws of Federal Republic. An oath which he inherited from his predecessor, Ali Modu Sheriff.

The source reports that the former Borno governor, Sheriff, who is a godfather of the Islamic extremist sect, already assured the sect that Shettima would always protect the ‘deadly sect’s interest anytime, any day’.

Shettima is now afraid that if he turns against Boko Haram, members of his family may be kidnapped, bombed or wiped off.

Nigeria Standard exclusively reported that “when Sheriff was in power, 60 percent of his monthly security vote was allegedly diverted to fund Boko Haram which the Sect used in purchasing dangerous ammunition and building armories in Nyanya, Abuja, Cameroon and Chad. This is why the only statement ever quoted to have been issued by Sherriff was done by one of the former Governor’s aides.”


  1. Nonsense report by the Nigerian Standard. The earlier we stop politicising the issue, the better for all of us.

  2. Security of the Nation should be the major concerns of every Nigerian. The scurity problem should be tackled collectively not only for the government, all hands must be on desk if we must solve security challenges faczing this Nation..

    Security of the Nation should be the major concern of every Nigerian not only for the government. If we must win it, we must collectively fight for it.

    • All of you coming here to question the story are daft. It is people like you that have sat down and allowed Nigeria to have decades of poor leadership and a corrupt government. That a former governor is funding Boko Haram is a serious allegation and it should be taken seriously. He should be arrested, investigated and if guilty he should be made to face the consequences.

      Anyway, relax. America is coming into the picture to help #BringBackOurGirls. They will start dropping drones on the homes of those funding Boko Haram and I will see what you people will say then. USA please come quickly and bring intelligent intelligence officers and investigate this thing and deliver us from the menace of Boko Haram

  3. Chaiii! You people should fear God ohh! Ali modu sherif and shettima are almost enemies, when shetima won d election sas almost went mad. If dey were on d same side SAS would have supported shatima and make sure he’s being elected rather he was his opposition. Get ur facts straight b4 publishing abeg.

    • You should have your brain checked. The media does not make the news, they only report it. The way you are acting is so typical of terrorism sympathizers.

  4. This is just another propaganda, first it was Buhari, El rufai, sunusi now its modu sherif. Who knows maybe BH is even sponsored from Aso rock. May God help us.

    • Its possible that Sanusi was/is sponsoring Boko Haram. He tried to leave the country a while ago and he was stopped. Maybe there is an investigation going on and he wants to run away and take his family to the middle east.

      If investigations are made, they will uncover all the sponsors. We only have to watch and see how this turns out but I sense that the end of the road has come for sponsors of Boko Haram. Those 200+ children kidnapped was the last straw.

  5. bt d headings z “how…” so is dt hw? wht a story without mapping!
    …any hw D coming of u.s. is d beggining of another spy..

  6. The best countries in the world are countries that have fewer than 2% muslems. If they are up to 10% it means trouble. When a nigeria born prof. based in the USA published a book from a research institute titled ‘Terrorism within.’ i read the article since feb. 2013. He stated that the main sponsors of BH are; a one time ambassador to Sao Tome and a presently serving governor in the north. What a mindless thing to do, what a stupid thing for islam to do. I ponder no more on the words of President W. Bush… “All terrorists are muslems, not all muslems are terrorists”

    • Thank God for what we call Karma. The evil that the sponsors of Boko haram have sent out will quickly come home to roost in their lives and their families. Whatever they wanted to achieve by all the wanton bloodshed, they are now going to achieve the opposite. I pray all the sponsors get exposed, arrested, jailed for a short while then executed by firing squad like the days of old. Terrorism needs to be stamped out by any means necessary because it is wickedness.

      Come to think of it what President W Bush said is true, “all terrorists are Muslims”. What sickens me the most is that Muslims do not condemn these terrorist acts.

  7. @anonymous,sory fr u,muslims tak a greater percentage in nigeria,it baffles me dt evn at dz tym,pple kip pointin accusin fingers at each oda! Whethr muslims or christians,pple r dying nd dt shud evrybody’s concern!

  8. Going through the comments, I can see how insane some people are, not until APC became strong that all these allegations on their chieftains start to emerge. I lose hope in entirety of individuals that don’t reason for themselves.

    Talking of crimes and terrorism we all know Americans are No. 1 , before BH
    north was known to be most peaceful section of the country unlike the south with no cases of rape, burning humans for less crimes, killing for rituals, child trafficking, pipeline vandalisations and many more uncountable crimes. And hey we know their sponsors, Yes! It’s president Jonathan. He never takes actions on them because he knows quite alright it’s his game of shadows.

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