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General Danjuma, Northern Elders Conspired To Sabotage President Jonathan – APGA National Chairman

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National Chairman of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Victor Umeh has accused several elders form the Northern, including former High Commissioner for Defence, General Theophilius Danjuma part of the country of conspiring to oust President Goodluck Jonathan from office.

Speaking with newsmen, Umeh said President Jonathan should ignore many of the Northern elders singing his praises for conceding defeat in the just concluded presidential election as many of the did not support his re-election bid, but were spoiling for war if he had rejected the result of the polls.

APGA National Chairman, Victor Umeh (Photo Credit: Eagle Square)
APGA National Chairman, Victor Umeh (Photo Credit: Eagle Square)

He said: “For Danjuma to say that President Jonathan averted civil war by conceding and added that Ojukwu would have saved Nigeria one year of bloodshed if Ojukwu had done what Jonathan did, he revealed the war they have been planning, if not what has loosing election or not conceding defeat got to do with civil war, is the court not there to redress election fraud, have people not been loosing election?

“But thank God that President Jonathan was not desperate for power, for 48 years the Igbo have been held down, and they never bothered who rules the country, for over thirty years a section of this country was ruling and believed that power rest with them, just few years they were out of power they started complaining and some threatening war if power did not come back to them.

“I am very sure that Danjuma and some of his cohorts who are now praising Jonathan did not support the President in his reelection bid, I don’t know what President Jonathan went to look for in his house, all the Northern leaders conspired to sabotage Jonathan, Danjuma inclusive, I don’t know what he went to his house to look for, he may have deceived the President to believe that he supported him, but I am telling you, all the Northern leaders ganged up against the President.

“For saying that Jonathan saved Nigeria from civil war, Danjuma made the right comment because they have perfected planned on how to fight war, if their brother did not win, that shows they were desperate to take power which they held for over thirty years without other sections of the country complaining, if Jonathan has refused to accept defeat, there would have been war like they said, the North were ready for that from the way they are behaving and what they are saying since after the election.

“Jonathan did everything to impress the North but you cannot satisfy some of them, there is nothing you can do for some of them they will regard than giving back power to them, that is the secret of their jubilation and saying all sorts things and insulting everybody including the President, they are no more spoiling for war, they have got what they want.”

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