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Governor Alex Otti Fulfills Promise, Abia State Pensioners Receive Backlog Payments

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ABA, Nigeria – Pensioners in Abia State have started receiving payments for pensions owed by previous administrations, dating back to 2014.

The payments, confirmed by multiple pensioners on Thursday, March 28, 2024, fulfil a key campaign promise made by Governor Alex Otti, who vowed to address the backlog of accumulated pensions by the first quarter of 2024.

Governor Otti, speaking at Christ The King Catholic Church (CKC) in Aba, assured the pensioners of his commitment to their welfare, stating, “some of you have been owed since 2014. At the end of today, all of you will smile. Check your accounts at the end of business today.”

This announcement was met with anticipation and hope among the retirees, many of whom had suffered financial hardships due to the delayed payments.

The confirmation of the pension payments came through interviews conducted by News Express on Thursday evening, revealing that several pensioners had indeed received bank alerts indicating the receipt of funds.

Among them, Mrs. Lucy Samuel Nne, Onyema Agbandu, and Kalu Ogbonna expressed their gratitude towards Governor Otti for delivering on his promise, a gesture that not only alleviated their financial burdens but also restored their faith in the state’s governance.

The payment of these long-overdue pensions marks a departure from the experiences under previous administrations, which the pensioners criticised for their handling of pension funds.

The immediate past government, in particular, was singled out for its failure to address the pension crisis, leading to protests and widespread dissatisfaction among the state’s retirees.

The effort to clear the pension backlog in Abia State stands as a testament to Governor Otti’s commitment to social welfare and the importance of addressing the needs of the state’s elderly population.

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