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When compared to traditional website development, you can take advantage of a number of different benefits that growth driven design has to offer. It’s the most fluid approach to building a website currently available today and it even helps minimize small and medium sized business risk with lower upfront expenditures. 

With that said, we’ll take a look at the major benefits of this form of website creation over time. If you recognize the value in this process, you should seriously take advantage of the possibilities sooner rather than later. 

Improves Ease of Use

Greater ease-of-use is one of the biggest benefits of this style of website development. With traditional website creation, it’s often difficult to create the right flow with your sales funnel. Since it’s very difficult for the average user to make changes on the fly, they often have to rely on trusted web designers to make the necessary changes to their sales funnel for them.

As a business owner, this can get very frustrating to say the least. You want to have the ability to make changes to your sales funnel in an instant and not need to rely on someone else to help you fix the problem. That’s where the benefits of growth driven design really shine.

You’ll be able to quickly make changes based on data you’ve gathered during the testing stages. If you feel the need to change the font on your website, you can quickly do so without any trouble. If you need to change the layout, colors, placement of your call to action buttons, or anything else for that matter, it’s going to be much easier to make these changes even if you don’t have lots of experience.

It’s Much Faster to Build a Website from Scratch

When building a website using traditional methods, it could literally take your designer months to put all the pieces in place to have a fully functional, attractive, well-designed website. As a business owner, this is a big letdown since you want your website up and running as quickly as possible to begin using it to generate new leads for your company. For a faster and more efficient website development process, consider checking Debug Academy.

The big benefit of growth driven design is the fact that it cuts the development process down to weeks instead of months. Obviously, when you own or operate a business you need every lead generation avenue available at all times to make your company a big success. So cutting down on time is going to be a huge boon for your business and hopefully help you achieve the levels of success you desire.

Once you have your website online, you can begin tweaking and testing it as more and more traffic begins to visit your website. This will allow you to make necessary changes to make it even more effective, add more prospects to your sales funnel, and ultimately convert them into paying clients.

Growth Driven Design is the Cost Friendly Option

By developing your site with this method, the site owner has the ability to make tweaks and changes along the way. They are no longer required to have their website working at peak performance levels right from the get-go. So instead of having to spend $15,000 to hire an expert to get your website absolutely perfect from the beginning, you can spread this cost out over time instead of having to pay a large lump sum upfront.

This is beneficial to the business owner in a wide variety of ways. Sticking with our example, you could end up spending $15,000 on your brand-new website only to find out that it doesn’t get you any results at all. This would be a huge letdown, a huge financial investment, and one that you’d have a tough time recovering from.

On the other side of the coin, by taking advantage of this site development option, you can make small improvements every so often to the structure of your site. You can do so based on data you’ve gathered during the testing phase – for example, how to improve your landing page. By making these small changes, you’ll only have to pay small amounts to a professional unless you know how to make the changes yourself.

You’ll have a professionally designed site that converts like gangbusters at a fraction of the cost. Even more important, you’ll never have to worry about spending too much money on site development only to find out that the investment wasn’t worth it later on down the line.

In Conclusion

We’ve just shared three of the biggest benefits of growth driven design. If you take advantage of this opportunity, you’ll have an easier time getting your website built for a fraction of the cost typically associated with traditional development. Focus on expanding your website as you gather more and more testing data. It’s much more practical than attempting to predict future trends, it’s less risky, and it’s possible to achieve even greater results.


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