Hello! There’s Now A Personal Injury App For iPhone And Android Users...

Hello! There’s Now A Personal Injury App For iPhone And Android Users (CLICK)

By Donna William | Lifestyle Editor on April 20, 2016

Personal injury in the United States occurs in many different locations from slipping and falling in a retail store, being bitten by the neighbor’s dog, or even being in a car accident. The problem is that in most cases, you do not have the information you need on hand when the accident occurs and you may make a huge mistakes and accept the first offer from an insurance company as you do not know the law in your state.

Not every attorney has created an app as of this time, but this type of app will soon be available as soon as all lawyers realize the importance that their clients need immediate help when they have been injured. Before you call anyone else except for 911 in the case of a serious injury is a law firm that can help ensure that you record all the details of the accident. This is where this app for iPhone and Android will come in handy.

The features of the app for both Android and iPhone include:

With just one click you will be connected to your law firm and you will be in contact with the office immediately so you will know you are in good hands right from the start. If you are injured too badly ensure that someone in the vehicle understands how to use this app, so they will also be able to use the app and get all the information you need to protect your passengers as well as yourself in the case of a vehicle accident.

The app also includes a GPS using Google Maps for it will be easy to find the nearest fire and police department along with the hospital or other emergency services you may require.

The best thing about this type of app is that it helps you with the accident report section. It provides you with the ability to record all details of the accident. You can even take photos that are needed and upload them from your iPhone or Android and then email them directly to your attorney’s office.

The app also has a function that will be able to place your address in the iPhone or Android’s navigation so you can receive directions to any of the locations of your attorney’s office. Of course, if you are unable to make it to your attorney’s office as you are hospitalized, your attorney will come to the hospital to ensure you have legal representation available.

This new app will soon be sweeping through all legal firms so they will be able to help their clients faster and ensure that the insurance company does not reach the hospital before legal representation and the clients agree with a settlement before speaking with an attorney.


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