Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Post A Picture Of Your Partner On Facebook

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Post A Picture Of Your Partner On Facebook

By Sheryl Sanni | Staff Reporter on May 10, 2015
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Did you just hook up with this super sexy dude/girl you have been eyeing? Do you feel the need to announce your new relationship to the world? What better way to do that than to post a picture of you both or update your relationship status on Facebook, Twitter or any other form of social media? Well, I have news for you. DON’T!

I bet you want to know why. Well, according to a recent report from psychologists, the more vocal you are about your relationship on social media, the more likely you are to have insecurities about your relationship and regarding your partner.

The report says that those who are in the habit of declaring their love for/to their partner, posting pictures of them together or having profile pictures with their partner in them are more like to be unhappy in those relationships. The psychologists suggest that most of these type of behaviour potentially suggests that these relationships are on the rocks.

Even without all the psychological reports, people who constantly want to jam their love and relationships down your throat of others are mostly the unhappy ones so we are am tempted to agree. posting relationship updates is not a bad thing but you can only go so far.

The report also differentiates between anxious and avoidant people and their attitudes towards social media PDAs. Whereas anxious people wanted their relationship visible on social media, avoidant people did not.

According to the report, “We also looked at the motives behind these differences. Anxious individuals thought that other people knowing about their relationship would make them feel better about themselves, whereas avoidant people thought that it would make them feel worse about themselves.

“Both anxious and avoidant people were concerned that other people thought they had unstable, unhappy relationships, but this led anxious people to want their relationships to be visible and avoidant people to want their relationships to be less visible.”

So there you have it, anxious folks: if you post about your relationship a lot it’s probably terrible!


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