How To Withdraw Money From Merrybet?

How To Withdraw Money From Merrybet?

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Merrybet is regarded as one of Nigeria’s best sports betting providers, with a quick payout system. There are different options available to punters on the Merrybet platform. They ensure punters have a great customer experience by providing efficient withdrawal options.

How to withdraw money from Merrybet?

On Merrybet, there are a few steps required by punters to take to complete their withdrawal:

  1. Sign in to your Merrybet account with registered login details.
  2. At the upper part of the webpage, click on “Payout”.
  3. Enter your bank details and the amount you’d like to withdraw from your account. 

The payout would be completed once all information is verified. A token will be deducted from your winning as a service charge before the remaining winning is paid to your account. You can also make use of the Merrybet app: learn how to download the Merrybet app on Takebet, an expert website with reviews of Nigerian and African online bookmakers.

What are the withdrawal methods in Merrybet? 

When punters are ready to cash out their wins, a quick, simple and safe process is ensured on the Merrybet platform. Merrybet has a withdrawal limit just like other betting platforms. Withdrawal is processed within 24 hours after the request.

The maximum withdrawal of N500000 and minimum withdrawal of N2000 can be made by punters on the Merrybet platform in a day.

The withdrawal methods on the Merrybet platform are:

  1. Bank Transfer
  2. Perfect Money
  3. Instant Payout


This feature enables bettors to receive their cash out directly in their local banks. They (Bettors) are required to provide their bank details on the Merrybet platform. Users are expected to follow a few steps to complete their withdrawal. Punters are required to follow a few steps which go thus:

  1. Bettors should provide their login details to access their Merrybet account.
  2. Click on “Payout”, then at the top of the page, your (bettors) account is required.
  3. Enter your account details then click on “Next” to finalise the process.

Withdrawal is processed within 24 hours after the request. There is a maximum and a minimum amount bettors can withdraw via this option. The maximum amount users can withdraw is N500000 and the minimum amount is N1000. 


A minimum of $1 can be made using the Perfect Money option. This option attracts a deduction of N100 per transaction. A Perfect Money account is required before punters can successfully make withdrawals via this option. Only punters that deposited with their prepaid card registered with Zenith bank or Perfect Money can make withdrawals from their Merrybet account through this option. It is not available to users that made deposits through Bank Transfer or an Agent.


This withdrawal option allows you to make a direct withdrawal from your Merrybet Account to your bank account. There are a few steps to take to enable the Instant Payout option. They are as follows:

  1. Sign in to your Merrybet Account. 
  2. For users logging in via the LITE Mobile Version, click on “Manage PIN code”.
  3. Provide answers to the security questions. And finally,
  4. Enter the Instant Payout pin.

 After these few steps, withdrawal is processed and payment is made within 30 minutes. A transaction fee of N50 is deducted after payment. 

Users should kindly note that their request for Instant Payout will not be granted if they fail to provide the correct PIN. The maximum amount a user can withdraw through this option is N30000.  

Do you need to finish the verification and KYC before withdrawing? 

Verification of account on the Merrybet platform is a criterion that is compulsory for punters who have an account with the Merrybet. This allows users to have full access to all features available on the Merrybet platform. Failure to complete Merrybet account verification limits the amount of winning withdrawals users can make on the platform. No bettor would love to be in such a situation whereby they won’t be able to make a complete withdrawal of their win. 

The word KYC simply means Know Your Customer. KYC is a basic verification of users’ identities. Before punters can withdraw their winnings from Merrybet, they’ll need to pass a KYC. This also makes them eligible to use the Instant Payout feature. Punters are required to provide some documents that show their details like; age, address etc. Documents that can be required for identity verification are an ID card, a travel passport or a driving licence.

Proof of address must not be older than three months may require can require a scanned copy of:

  • Utility bill
  • An admission letter
  • Tax bill
  • Bank statement

All these documents must be valid on submission. After documents are successfully submitted for verification, users will have to wait for confirmation. This process may take a day to three days.

Are there terms and conditions when withdrawing?

Withdrawal is usually processed within 24 hours of banking hours if all things are equal. You cannot make a direct withdrawal from the funds deposited into your Merrybet account but only from your winnings. Merrybet is not responsible for payout requests from your account so far the withdrawal details submitted match the information submitted during account registration. 

The maximum amount punters can withdraw at a time from their Merrybet account is N500000 while the minimum amount is N1000. Punters are advised to stake their deposits and make withdrawals from their winnings.

Winnings will be nullified if the audit shows any form of violation of Terms and Conditions. 

What are the commissions and timelines of your withdrawals depending on payment methods? 

Commissions on withdrawals totally depend on the method the punter is using to remove funds from his Merrybet wallet. Generally, commissions on withdrawals are not too expensive and always require a small amount. While using the bank payout method, commissions on withdrawals are mostly 100 NGN. The Instant Payout commission is quite lower as they charge 50 NGN per transaction.


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