‘They are plotting to eliminate me’ – Nyako Cries Out To Presidency

‘They are plotting to eliminate me’ – Nyako Cries Out To Presidency

By Salisu Sulaimon | Sub-Editor on March 5, 2014
Former Adamawa Governor, Murtala Nyako.
Former Adamawa Governor, Murtala Nyako.

ADAMAWA – The state governor, Governor Murtala Nyako of Adamawa State has stated that his life is in danger, alleging that there is a plot to eliminate him systematically.

Governor Nyako, stated this on Tuesday, March 4, 2014 while speaking on a popular on-air radio programme “Taba Kidi Taba Karatu,” aired by Adamawa Radio Broadcasting Corporation. He maintained that the security skirmish that took place during his recent condolence visit to victims of Madagali attacks was in actual fact, an attempt to eliminate him.

Nyako appealed to the Federal Government to investigate the rationale behind the attack carried on him during his visit to Shuwa in Madagali Local Government Area of the state.

Daily News Watch reports:

Nyako explained how he narrowly escaped being killed but for security operatives attached to him who smuggled him out of the Shuwa leading to his cutting short his condolence visit.

The governor’s revelation is contrary to the explanation given by the military high command on the Madagali incident that the soldiers were in the area on routing mission to flush out insurgents.

Nyako insisted that he, and not insurgents, is a target of elimination.

The governor called on Federal Government to investigate the incidence as anything short of that would not be accepted.

Nyako, who spoke in Hausa language, said he strongly believes that the Magadali incident was part of a grand design to eliminate him by those he regards as Abuja-based politicians.

According to him, following the failure of some Abuja-based politicians from Adamawa State to use democratically recognised means to remove him as the governor of the state, they have now decided to use a crude way to get rid of him by all means.

Nyako said that he was the prime target of the security altercations, adding that he heard the attackers asking “which vehicle is conveying the governor?”

He recalled that the skirmish began when two soldiers heading towards their direction were heard, saying “Boko Haram, Boko Haram, they were coming.” And this made him ask who are those coming?

“About the same time the two soldiers heading for our direction were shouting Boko Haram, Boko Haram are coming. We started hearing gun fire,” Nyako narrated.

“My security details quickly had to whisk me away swiftly. In the ensuing pandemonium some persons coming in the direction of the gunfire were heard asking which vehicle is conveying me. The attack was targeted at my life by those who have failed in their plot to use democratic means to ease me out of power ,” Nyako alleged, adding that in furtherance of their sinister plot to equally throw the state into pandemonium, they have contrived all manner of things including a review of the curfew time which we have challenged.

Governor Nyako pointed out that after the incidence the military controverted review of the curfew imposed on the state, which he said that he had to challenge them with the intervention of the Presidency.

Director of Press and Publicity to Governor Nyako, Ahmed Sajoh concurred with his principal saying that there are certain things that happened that upon careful review showed that the attacks were clearly targeted at the governor.

“Immediately, we left the shootings abated. On our way back, the military at the check point kept asking us which vehicle  is conveying the governor, “Sajoh corroborated his boss, posing the question “What exactly will you make of such a situation because immediately we left the shootings abated and they are desperately looking for the car in which governor enter.”


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