Impacting Nigerian Tech Infrastructure Through Different Communication Solutions

Impacting Nigerian Tech Infrastructure Through Different Communication Solutions

By Dana Hughes | Business Contributor on February 24, 2020
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As tech markets in Nigeria continue to grow, advanced solutions are necessary to support online communications. Throughout recent years, Nigeria has become a prime location for venture capitalism and business formation. The reasons cited for business migration are that of affordable labor and a skilled workforce. As more businesses continue to establish themselves in Nigerian cities, digital communications solutions improve the connectivity and accessibility of metropolitan areas. Many solutions are put forth to benefit the communities they serve or the individuals the impact of their services. At the same time, some businesses develop digital solutions that only safeguard their corporate operations or seek to boost their operational productivity. If you are interested in the top communication solutions improving Nigerian tech infrastructure, continue reading this post.

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Stronger Internet Connectivity

Many communication solutions in Nigeria involve seeking to strengthen internet connectivity. Businesses are constantly developing and strengthening tech infrastructure in order to increase the speed or reliability of connectivity. In addition to increased computer network and internet connection speeds, comes the introduction of Public Internet Access (PIA) points. These PIA points are located throughout community centers, post office, shopping plazas, or post offices. They allow community members to access reliable internet connection completely for free. With PIA points, Nigerians can easily communicate with distant relatives or friends. At the same time, many of these locations offer unique training programs and skill-building opportunities for community members.

Providing communities with stronger internet connectivity is greatly impacting tech infrastructure as a whole. The stronger internet connectivity can make it far easier for a Nigerian citizen to work remotely. The ability to earn money remotely can offer far better opportunities than are offered domestically. The need for freelance writers and virtual assistants will continue to grow as the international business landscape continues to morph. Increased internet connectivity will make Nigerian workers, students, and citizens alike. The world has become far smaller with the ability to contact people across the world with ease.

Heightened Search Protection

With the influx in tech businesses growing in Nigeria, comes the need for heightened search protection systems within communities. Large businesses collect and store personal data of the customers or communities they serve. When the information of Nigerians’ is obtained, businesses need to provide full disclosure of generation methods and purposes. Individuals need to have the ability to opt-out of data collections. This heightened level of transparency improves digital communications and tech infrastructure improves data security and improves business to consumer communications. When properly deployed, stronger protection allows Nigerians to communicate openly online, and make digital purchases without fear of repercussions.

A major digital solution impacting tech infrastructure within Nigeria is the implementation of heightened search protection. The security of searches and data has continually been stressed with some corporate juggernauts like Facebook selling the data they gathered. The ability to purchase an item online without fear will also continue to grow the e-commerce industry in Nigeria. Open communication will lead to the exchanging of ideas without worry a specific group or government body will find out.

Email Archiving Practices

Nigerian tech infrastructure is continuously being impacted by changing email archiving practices. Similar to data security and search protection, the best email archiving solutions safeguard consumers and businesses alike. Archiving allows you to preserve digital communications so that they can be stored, filed, then eventually searched and retrieved. Digital archiving saves you from storing physical copies on-premises, which can be stolen or damaged. For businesses, they protect against disaster recovery, safeguard consumer data and store information for audits or investigations. For Nigerian internet users, they provide a centralized location to access historical data, as well as strengthening the security and quality of data. Through its protection and accessibility of files and documents, email archiving practices are greatly impacting tech infrastructure in Nigeria as a whole.

There are now more than 100 million active users of social media accounts on the African continent
According to 2011 estimates, about 13.5% of the African population has Internet access. While Africa accounts for 15.0% of the world’s population, only 6.2% of the World’s Internet subscribers are Africans. Africans who have access to broadband connections are estimated to be in percentage of 1% or lower. | Source: Wikipedia

Improving Public Engagement Online

In order to shape overall tech infrastructure, businesses need to practice increased levels of public engagement. When businesses and local governments continuously interact with the public, they can better understand the needs, wants, and practices of the communities they serve. Ask the public what actions can be taken to improve digital infrastructure. Looking to match the needs of the public ensures that you deploy solutions that are reliable and needed by local communities. Businesses practicing this can enhance their public image as well as giving back to the communities they serve. In order to strengthen tech infrastructure, businesses and governments alike need to practice enhanced public engagement. As the business world continues to change in Nigeria due to technology the importance of customer experience has grown. A company can easily gather feedback with digital surveys that will provide valuable information. The needs of the local community can shape everything from the marketing of a business to the services they offer.

Match Infrastructure To Network Constraints

In order to improve Nigerian tech systems as a whole, businesses and developers are constantly looking to match infrastructure to network constraints. Currently, Nigerian internet penetration sits right around the 50% mark. Despite this, the entire country experiences a lower bandwidth rate than many other nations. In order to be effective in countries with low penetration and bandwidth rates, efforts need to be made to create supportable solutions. Products that require an internet connection to properly operate should function well at low-connection points to strengthen overall usability. In order to improve tech infrastructure as a whole within Nigeria, many cities are looking to match capabilities to network constraints.

With the need for digital solutions in Nigeria becoming more pertinent, their purpose to improve online communications for businesses and individuals is inherently clear. Heightened search protection allows consumers and businesses the freedom to make purchases online without fear of repercussions. Properly deployed solutions provide Nigerian cities with stronger internet connectivity, as well as infrastructure to match network constraints. Businesses have begun to develop email archiving practices for heightened record-keeping for enterprises and consumers. Furthermore, they provide enhanced public engagement with the communities they serve. If you are interested in the top communication solutions improving Nigerian tech infrastructure.


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