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Is It A Good Idea to Have ‘Friends With Benefits’ With Your Friend?

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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you are a mature person, fun to have a friend with benefits might be your thinking for several reasons. The idea does support the situation when you are looking for something exciting and new that you haven’t tried before.

As a woman, you might get bored with the same age group opposite gender. So, your fantasies may also pinch you towards looking for something energetic, fun, and fresh. Online dating apps like Tinder are the top priority you should need to think about in friends with benefits.

The top thing everyone needs to consider is that it’s a very tough subject to cover. The unwritten rules about such relations are tough to grasp by yourself. Due to this, we are going to talk about four different aspects of this casual relationship. So without any further ado, let’s start talking about them in the below section.

Does It Work?

Before answering this question, let us define various other things that will automatically give you a reasonable answer. All of these things depend upon many other factors. You can’t say when and where the idea will work for you.

However, there are a few things that cover the question of whether or not it works for you. Things that depend on such scenarios, including the amount of time you spend together, reasoning, who it is with, and the attraction level. Moreover, the definition of a successful relation also tends to be different for every mindset.

Besides that, two other essential things tend to happen in friends with benefits scenario. You are either going to have feelings and get hurt or get into some relationship.

Moreover, the scenario also becomes workable for both genders when they are well-known about the end of the string. Let’s say you are doing it for pure pleasure; the relationship will work for you. If you are taking it further to a complicated relationship, the ending will always create hard roads for you.

The best thing that works in this relationship is to be honest and do it for a hookup, nothing more. Before going into this relationship, always ask yourself if you can easily fall out from this situation or not.

What Are the Rules?

The first rule is to sit together and discuss that all of this is happening purely based on friends with benefits. It’s essential to discuss that all of this is happening to get pleasure instead of having a relationship out of it.

Moreover, there are few other questions that you should need to ask with opposite genders, such as:

Make sure to talk with the opposite gender when you are thinking about friends with benefits.

Make sure to capture the feelings you have before and after the hookup. It should not need to be awkward after sex.

The frequency of sex while staying at night.

Do any of your other friends know about it?

If the opposite gender tells you that “I like you,” then it’s an alarming situation. If the gender says that I found you attractive, but I am not expecting anything out of this, then it’s ok.

Make sure to have a proper talk with the opposite gender before jumping into it.

Is It Good with A Close Friend?

If you believe that after doing the hookups will never generate any love emotions from both sides, then it’s ok to go for it. Otherwise, the idea will be terrible for you to have it with your close friend. If any of you get trapped into the attraction, then your close friendship tends to be in danger as well.

Should You Do It?

As long as you don’t think it’s wrong, you can do it without any hesitation. Every mature person does contain fantasies in their life – friends with benefits is often one of them – and fulfilling it with the help of a new gender is the only solution. The important thing is to find the person that also has the same feeling as you in this relationship.

If you consider anyone who is not considering it throughout the hookups, then the opposite gender will start to fall in love with you. It’s better to do this only when the opposite gender is also well-known about its rules. Not following the rules since the beginning will cause issues at the start of both genders.

Last but not least, you should be proud of yourself when you are taking the step to find a friend with benefits on dating sites like FWBTinder. It tells the fact that you have a life experience behind you, and you contain a mature attitude towards life.

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