Islamisation Of Nigeria: The Oracle, Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas Pronounced 2024

Islamisation Of Nigeria: The Oracle, Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas Pronounced 2024

By Wires | The Trent on February 19, 2017
Her Knowledgable, Professor Alexia Thomas
Her Knowledgable, Professor Alexia Thomas

Islamisation Of Nigeria: The Oracle, Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas Pronounced 2024

It’s two ways, Man can be good, man can be bad, but if I am the highest Master of Light, I chose to play Darkness and play the highest Master of Darkness. So, I have been told I could be an Evil Genius. That means an evil genius if I plot you, there is no escape. That’s is why I say to people, I tell you what I want to do to you. You will lose your job, it actually means you would lose your job. But because I don’t want you to lose your job, so I tell you would lose your job.

Now, I said to Ikenna Asomba by 2024, there would be nothing called Boko Haram. The Boko Haram will migrate into a new uniformism and they shall be the Muslim Caliphate and the Muslim Caliphate are breeded to wipe every dark energy in their eyes. Christians are dark energies, so, when they wear their Robes and be called the Muslim Caliphate, it would become the Religious War whereby for the first time in the history of the World, the Europeanism, they have been fighting Religious Wars, whereby Britain would go and attack Saudi Arabia because of Religious War. So, Countries shall be fighting because of Religionism.

The Religionism, Europeans have been winning the Religious Wars because they have been so Powerful with their Gun Powder. But because of the Children of the Europeanism of the 21st Century and 19th Century have become too greedy, they started selling the secret of Motherland, which is their Weapon. So, they sold the secret of the Gun Powder to the Northern Emirate and the Northern Emirate has now known the secret of the Gun Powder that the Europeanism have been using to dominate their Ancestors. So, the secret that made you kill my Father, I already know it. But the one I know is the old one you have faded away and the new ones you have I may not know it. But the little ones of the old ones you use is still as strong as the new ones you are creating.

So now, Donald Trump is like a Master, though, I am bigger Master than him. Donald Trump is an Evil Genius. Because he has Money, he can control anybody, Japanese Prime Minister and then his Spirit is domineering. So as he talks, you must Listen, as you don’t Listen, you are being told get out of here, take him away, lock him up, immediate reaction, you can feel the energy.

Now, Donald Trump is already angry with the Northern Emirate. So, he’s going to come up with what they call the Evil Geniusism Scheme to eradicate the Muslim Nation, and in the eradication of the Muslim Nation he is going to play genius role that will not implicate him as he is the Master that set it up.

Starting with Nigeria, he is going to summon the Eastern Region and the Western Region, but in summoning them, he is going to shoot a Video Propaganda. In the Video Propaganda, he is going to pretend that they came for him and he is going to talk to them, trigger their thoughts and then Men for example Gov. Rochas Okorocha of Imo State and Gov. Willie Obiano of Anambra State, they will start confessing, because he is going to start by saying but you were part of him, they are going to put a defence, no we are not part of him, what can we do? If we don’t follow him, they will kill our wives, they will kill children, so I have to play the Deceit Diplomacy. I love my People, but if I show I love my People, they will kill my own family. So, what do you expect of a Man that need a bread, they defend themselves.

Then, Trump will tell them, tell us what is happening and then they will begin to talk. The Northerners have been so heady… Rochas that knows the deeper secrets of the Northern Emirate will begin to talk. Then Donald Trump will say what do we do? Then, they will say what do we do Master, I think we should bomb them. Everybody will say, I think, I think, then the bombing goes out.

Now, because it’s a Video Propaganda, Donald Trump again will show the Video to the World and say they came and asked me to Bomb them. As the Northern Emirates are sitting to watch the Video, they will say, what! Our brothers went to tell the evil genius to bomb us. Okay.

Now, the Igbos are happy that the Northern Emirates are weak, but the Boko Haram is just a Name title. So, for the first time, the Muslim Jihadists shall fight the Battle of Armageddon. The Battle of Armageddon can be fought in Lightness and Darkness. The Battle of Armageddon means when Men shall take their destinies upon their Hands. You either Live or you Die. Now, in fighting the Battle of Armageddon, Evil Genius believes in Evil. So, the Muslim, the Boko Haram shall reframe into a new Militarian Power, they shall be called the Muslim Caliphate.

So, by 2024, the Muslim Caliphate will lead the Civil War in Nigeria. They will take the East and the West unaware. While the East and the West are busy waiting for Piece of Paper Money Donald Trump has promised them to put their Economy into a World Power, the Muslim Caliphate in their Three Million will go into the bushes of the East, South and West and lay ambush for them.

Injustice to one is injustice to all. If your Father, Mother is not killed, your Father Brother, Cousin will be killed. So, in Onitsha Market, the Villagers stands to go to the Market, you come up, around 2.00am, 500 Onitsha Citizens are dead in Onitsha Market, they have laid ambush. As the Villagers are ready to go to the Farm the following day 2000 are dead on the Road, the Muslim Caliphate would be killing, by the time Nigeria would be ready to fight back, 40 per cent of Nigerians are dead by the Muslim Caliphate turmoil.

So, before Nigerians would regroup to fight back the Muslim Caliphate, they would be too weak themselves. How can you fight when your Mother is already Dead? How can you even fight when your Mother’s sister is already Dead, because if your Mother is not dead, your mother’s sister is dead, it already affects you, because your Mother’s depression is equally your depression. So, Nigerians would not be able to fight back. It will be a disaster and that is exactly what the Oracle has spoken this morning. So, Nigerians should be ready because the Muslim Caliphate will take them unaware and the death will continue.

The Muslim Caliphate currently the Fulanis are Arabs and Black, but the Muslim Fulanis you see right now coming into Nigeria are the Black Fulanis and that is why it is not easy for Nigerians to be threatened because they are Blacks. So, you just accept that okay they are Nigerians, but the ones that will come in the War of the Muslim Caliphate, the Religious War that will purge Nigeria… Because in the Muslim Caliphate, Nigeria will either be a Christian or a Muslim State. So, this is the Battle of Armageddon War. If the Muslim Caliphate wins, Nigeria will become a total Muslim State, if the Muslim Caliphate are defeated, which is next to impossibility because the Christians are not a beast, so there is tendency that the Muslim Caliphate will win that will submerge Nigeria into submission. So, Nigeria shall become a Muslim State.

So, all the Americans, all the British will all be beheaded by the Muslim Caliphate. So, the World must thread carefully because Blood will become Water, whereby for the first time, Humans will see a reason to realise that they have destroyed themselves. The destruction of Syria is little, the destruction of Nigeria will be five times above Syria. So, everybody really needs to be ready and do not sell their Birth Rights and they should mind the Illusion of Donald Trump.

Q: What Christian Leaders could do to avert the turbulence

A: Well, it’s not a prediction, it is an Analytical Report of an event Saga, the phases of how the events would show itself and the entrapment, what I have said is exactly what is going to happen.

The only thing that can make it not to happen is Nigeria consenting to Free Liberation and Separation of each other, because America rules the World Economy, Donald Trump would not give Nigeria their own share of the Cake because of the anger of the Northern Region. So, it is better every Nigerian shun the invitation of Donald Trump. So, the Northerners and the Westerners should not find happiness… Well Donald Trump is not inviting the Northerners, so no Northern Governor will even see him, because the name Alhaji Mohammed Bado has given them away. So, the Westerners should turn down the invitation of Donald Trump and make sure that in any invitation Donald Trump invites them, the Northerners must be part of it, If not, there will be Apocalypse of Judaism. There will be no Nigeria. Nigeria will perish. The Civil War will reduce them to 20%, so, if Nigeria is over 180 Million, the Civil War will see them reduced to 50,000 Nigerians, It will be massacre, there will be no Nigeria, People will die.

Iran already has the Missile and in the Muslim Caliphate, Iran would join because Iran recognises their Brotherhood of the Northern Region and the Northern Region is a bigger settlement than the East and the West, so Iran would not be there to watch little miniature West and East destroy a whole Northern Region. So, the Saudi Arabia for the first time the War of the Muslim Caliphate will make Saudi Arabia and America to become Enemies. The diplomacy of the World has seen Saudi mind their business. But because it’s the Muslim Caliphate War, the Religious War that will decide whether Nigeria would be a Christian State or a Muslim State, the Saudis would not mind anymore whether America would bomb them, for the first time, they would come out and join Iran to bring Nigeria down.

Q: There is this growing concern in Nigeria, the Sunni Muslims and the Shia Muslims. Now Iran majorly belongs to the Shia Muslims, while Saudi Arabia belongs to the Sunni Muslims. There has been running battle between the Shia and Sunni Muslims in Nigeria.

A: Well first of all, what are you talking about? In a Home, there is Home affairs, Husband, Wife and Children. There are at times the Parents are angry with their Children and they drive them away from the House. There are at times, the Husband and Wife are fighting.

First of all, Religion and Politics are different. It’s just because Men find communication with God through Religion, but in a real Politics and Democratic Politics, Religion is an idea.

Religion itself is Politics. Somebody has a means of communicating with God and he comes up with a Doctrine. So, if you have the Shia and Sunni Muslims, it’s just War of Ideology among themselves, that actually has nothing to do with Politics. But because the Muslimism Occult has used Religion as their Governmentarian Parole, that is why you have the Sharia Law and because what the Sunni believes is different from what the Shia believes, so at one point, they need to first agree that both are serving one God and both have to come to a centre table and accept one Ideology. Shia might say we don’t believe in washing our Sins in the River and Sunni might say we believe in washing our Sins away with mud. So, because Shia believes in River and Sunni believes in Mud, they begin to think one is an infidel, one is not practising how the other one should go.

If they love Prophet Mohammed, they have to go back to the Books of Prophet Mohammed, the Master that brought the Muslimism Religion. In his Era, was there a divided ideology? So, which simply means that as the Muslimism tradition grew bigger, may be the Shia have bought into European Conventionality and brought in their own Conventional Ideas which the Sunni, are thinking No, the Prophet Mohammed book says A, how can you now say it has to be A and B because you have now purge with the Whites. So, I think what is happening between the Shia and Sunni Muslim is a Religious Confraternity whereby one is Conventional and the other is Orthodox. So, at a point they must meet. The only way the Shia and Sunni can sort their differences is to go back to the Orthodox book. So, you either stick to the Orthodox and Principles of Mohammed or you find another Religion.

Justice for Man, Dignity of Man, Truth and Protection of Human Race

—- By Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas (Defender of the Universe). Released for Redistribution – Print and Online Media 19/02/2017


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