Kairos Moment With Apostle Nsikanabasi Ese: That Shame Is Deleted From Your...

Kairos Moment With Apostle Nsikanabasi Ese: That Shame Is Deleted From Your Life

By Nsikanabasi Ese | Inspiration on July 16, 2018
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Karios Moments is a weekly devotional published by Apostle Nsikanabasi Ese.

Apostle Nsikanabasi Ese
Apostle Nsikanabasi Ese

Text: Joshua 5:9; Psalm 25:1; Psalm 3:1-3; Luke 1:36

I am grateful to God for another time to share His word. It is my prayer that after reading this, every generational shame in your life will be wiped out. Shame is anything that makes you hide yourself or keep away from the public on account of a disgraceful thing about you that is known. Shame is a tool the devil uses to rob people of the honour God designed for them. Many people you see today have one shameful thing or the other about their lives. What brings shame may be self incurred or naturally occurring.

Not everyone who drives cars is actually happy with their lives. Not all smiling faces have merry hearts. Not all married people are enjoying their marriage. We live in a world of packaging and fakery were people burn inside but smile on the surface.

Hannah lived as a married woman but was not enjoying her marriage. Tears was a constant feature due to the mockery she received from people around her. Until God showed up, barrenness remained a source of shame to Hannah. Yours may not be barrenness but poverty or ill-health or failure etc.

It takes God to take away shame from the life of a person. It takes God to remove shame and replace it with honour. You need to know that until you go through tests in life, you will not have a testimony. Until you are shamed, your honour will not be sweet. Hannah was mocked by Peninnah but when God visited Hannah she had a child that was better than all the children born by Peninnah.

Not all the people that smile around you are actually smiling from their hearts. Hannah was surrounded by people who never wished her to have her own child. Tears was a constant feature in her life but God the shame deleter stepped in and deleted that shame. I see God delete your shame.

Many are there that wish you shame but the Lord is the lifter of your head. When men vow that your head will constantly bow in shame….Jehovah the shame deleter shows up and proves them wrong.



When people who know your secret go about broadcasting it to run you down. When people call you according to your condition/bitter experience in life. Elizabeth was called barren for several years until angel Gabriel came with the good news [Luke 1:36]. If you have had the opportunity to hear what people say in your absence, you would fear even the ones that parade themselves as friends.

Shame wouldn’t carry so much negative effect if the gossip mill was not functioning. The thought of what people will say has crippled so many dreams and made so many strong hands feeble. Even Jesus was plagued with the thought of what people say behind Him/ what people call Him. [Mat 16:13].

No matter how good or how bad you are, people must talk behind you and call you names. Until you leave this world people will never stop talking. The mouth was meant for two things: To Eat and To Talk. The worst they ever did was to talk about you because God will use it to publicize you for good.


The fear of how your enemy will laugh at you can make you so hide yourself. It is very irritating when your mockers are laughing at you. If evil happens to you, your enemy will say that their assignment has worked, or their evil fasting was effective. If evil happens to you, they will attribute glory to their gods.

The Psalmist prayed in Psalm 25:2 saying ‘…let me not be ashamed, let not mine enemies triumph over me.’ Public shame and evil occurrence gives your enemies effrontery to mock you openly. It confirms their lies about you. Micah said don’t laugh at me my mockers for though I fall, I shall rise again. I see God lifting somebody who is reading this right now. Your enemies will not have the last laugh.


For so many people, if a chance is given to them to choose which family to be born into, they won’t dare choose their present family. Shame in the family is dangerous. There are families that have poverty or a particular disease or evil happening as their trademark. It runs in the lineage. Family shame is like an invisible badge that every descendant wears. What happened to others repeats itself in the rest and it becomes a thing of mockery in the village where the family name is synonymous with that thing of shame. Only evidence can erase long standing family shame. God uses one person to handle family shame. God used David to remove the shame in Jesse’s family. God used Saul to remove the shame in Kish’s family. God used Joseph to remove the shame in Jacob’s family. God will use you to remove shame from your family.


This is a kind that makes you hide among your contemporaries. When your age mates have gone far and the margin line is just too wide. When you look at your life and you are 40 years old but still single, you ask yourself when will I marry and start having children? The shame of seeing your juniors in school doing well and far better than you. Every age has it’s expectation. Whenever a person assumes a particular age there are things expected of that age. When you have passed that age but have no evidence even your juniors will so mock and insult you.

Delay has robbed many of their time and season of manifestation. Sarah had passed the normal age of childbirth but God still made a way for her, by that same God I decree that you will shock your mockers.

Whatever the shame you have been going through in life, God and only God can take that shame away. That thing that makes your heart skip whenever you appear in the public or even makes you hide from the public. It doesn’t take God a lifetime to change a man’s story. I have seen God use me to make a woman put to birth after 12 years of pregnancy. People mocked her openly but God made her testimony a breaking news. What is impossible with men is possible with God. That thing you cant tell anybody for shame of being laughed at is what God can handle without laughing at you.

As an Oracle I decree, every inherited shame, every incurred shame, every transferred shame in your life is vanishing now. What the enemy said will never happen for you, by the grace of God on my life I compel it to happen now. What the enemy said will happen, I cancel it now. You will never hide your face in shame again. I delete that shame from your life.


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