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Ladies, 10 Beauty Sins You Need To Stop Committing

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There are so many beauty tips, tricks and hacks out there available to us, but there are also many ways to go wrong with makeup. Sometimes, it’s not easy to keep record of all the beauty rules, and this can lead us to committing some serious beauty sins. To avoid these unpleasant troubles, read these ten beauty sins that we all should stop committing.

1. Not having a proper beauty regimen

At the very least, remove your makeup before going to sleep, exfoliate your face a couple of times a week and regularly moisturise, no matter how fresh and perfectly moisturised your skin already looks. You’d want to keep it this way for as long as possible, wouldn’t you? Exfoliation is usually done in the shower, so it wouldn’t take you extra time, and moustirising only takes about a minute, so you really have no excuse to skip it.

2. Neglecting sunblock

We’ve said it already and we’ll say it again: the sun is the culprit number one, when it comes to wrinkles. Solar radiation drains the moisture out of your skin and boosts the appearance of fine line, age spots and wrinkles. And that’s actually the least of the problems that the sun can cause. So, don’t forget that sunblock is not just for the summer; winter sun can be equally harmful for the skin.

3. Overdoing it with the tan

Speaking of the sun, some of us are still obsessed with getting a great tan for the beach season, and some people tend to abuse the sun, or the fake tan. Tan carefully but don’t cause yourself burns, okay? Also try to avoid prolonged sunbathing, it’s been proven to be unhealthy for you.

4. Skipping exercise

Whatever time you spend on skincare, don’t neglect physical exercise neither. It doesn’t just keep your weight under control, it benefits your entire body, skin included. Exercising, which could be just fast walking on a daily basis for at least half an hour, improves your blood circulation, and good circulation is essential for healthy and beautiful looking skin.

5. Ignoring makeup expiration dates

Of course, you can’t peer at the expiration date of your lipstick every time you apply it, but if you feel that it’s been around for a while, check it. That goes double for stuff you put on your eyes, especially mascara. If you like, stick a note on the mascara with the date on which you bought it, and six months later throw it away, finished or not. Mascara is among the products that can become breeding grounds for bacteria, and you really don’t want such bugs near your eyes.

6. Not removing your makeup at night

We’re only humans and our energy is sometimes limited, so, of course, we can get absolutely exhausted after a long day, but this, however, is not an excuse for going to bed without removing your makeup. Just like you wouldn’t go to bed without brushing your teeth (you wouldn’t right?), you shouldn’t go to sleep without properly removing your makeup.

7. Once you you pop, you can’t stop, but you should!

Every dermatologist warns against it, yet we continue to deal with sudden zits the radical way: we pop them and hope they will heal quickly. Sometimes they do, but often they don’t. Try to resist the temptation, and instead of this harsh intervention, or before it, at least, try some natural remedies like lemon (which can help efficiently dry out the zit), or camomile, which fights the bacterial infection that actually causes pimples.

8. Treating your skin harshly

Your skin does not like rough treatment. This means, along with not popping zits, not wiping your skin too harshly after a shower, and not pulling, pushing or forcefully stretching it. This not only includes the time when you rub in your moisturiser, but it also includes wearing comfortable clothes that fit you well, starting from your underwear and ending with overcoats.

9. Overdoing it with shaving

Some ladies find it necessary to shave strategic areas on their bodies every single day. Fast and effective as shaving is, doing it daily doesn’t do any favours to your skin. Because of constant scratching, the skin in the frequently shaved areas – and these are usually sensitive areas – will start becoming rough and chronically irritated. So, if you can’t bear the thought of seeing even a short little hair, consider waxing instead of shaving.

10. Using hot water

Hot water has a serious drying effect on your skin. This is the reason why you feel so itchy after a hot shower, before you slather the moisturiser on, in case you were wondering. Wash your face and shower with warm water only. Consider cool showers as well, they can be particularly refreshing in the warm months. Cool water combined with gentle exfoliation will not only make your skin feel wonderful, but it will also energise and refresh you.

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