Ladies: 10 Signs He Still Loves You

Ladies: 10 Signs He Still Loves You

By Beauty And Tips on August 28, 2015
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Dating a guy is the easy bit compared to reading his mind to find out whether he still loves you or not. You might think that turning up on that first date and impressing him is going to be the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do, but once you’re in a relationship, it quickly turns out that worrying whether you still have his love or not can be like living in a nightmare.

After all, guys are not easy to read. They’re from Mars as the cliché goes, and they have a hard time expressing how they feel. And when you tell him you love him, he just mumbles a response and falls asleep. So if you’re fretting over whether or not your man still feels as strongly about you as he ever did, let’s take a look at 10 signs he still loves you.

1. You’re Always A Part Of His Plans

If he maps out his future and it doesn’t include you, you’ve got a right to worry. But if he’s the type of guy who is always including you in his plans – big or small – it means he still loves you.

It’s important for all couples to have future plans and dreams, but it’s more important that you plan and dream together. If he wants to travel and see the world with you and not without you, he’s expecting you two to be in it for the long term.

2. He Still Holds Your Hand

Holding hands in public is a sign of affection. It’s a reflexive action, and sometimes we don’t even realise we’re doing it. For this reason, if your man still instinctively goes to hold your hand in a crowd, it’s one of signs he still loves you. He wants to protect you, reassure you, and show you his affection. What a sweet man!

3. He Wants To Hear Your Opinion

Whether it’s about a new car he wants or whether he should order a 12” or a 10” pizza, the fact that he’s asking for your opinion means he still values it. Which is basically one of signs he still loves you.

Guys who no longer care about their relationship want the freedom they had when they were single. This means they’ll just go out and do things without asking you, because they’re afraid you’ll say no. Guys who ask for your opinion respect the fact that you could disagree with them.

4. Small Touches

Small touches are also signs he still loves you. Cuddling in bed is one thing, but if he can’t help but touch your neck, hand or your arms when you’re just sat on the sofa, it’s a sign that he’s still got lots of love for you.

When we’re in love with a person, we simply can’t help ourselves when we’re around them. Even if a guy is exhausted after work, he’ll find a way to make sure he touches you as you both lounge around on the sofa. These touches may be small, but they go some way to reassuring you that he loves you and cares about you.

5. He Wants To Spend Time With You

If a guy has lost that loving feeling, he’ll be wanting to spend more time with his friends than with you. He’ll go to the soccer game at the weekend, despite saying he’d go out with you. He’ll stay out late at night and hit the gym alone after work.

But if he’s still very much in love with you, he’ll make sure that he puts plenty of time to spend with you. Whether it means staying to watch the tube or sacrificing his weekend with the boys, just being able to spend some quality time with you is enough to make him happy.

6. He Still Lets You Hang Out With His Friends

If a guy has lost the magic, it could be a case that he wants to spend time with his buddies to get away from you. He might seek relationship advice with them, or just find refuge in the fact that he won’t be able to start an argument with you for at least another few hours.

But if he still loves you dearly, he’ll invite you to hang out with him and his friends. You’re an important part of his life, and including you in his social life isn’t even something he gives a second thought to. It’s just natural!

7. He Does Things Just To Make You Happy

Another one of clear signs he still loves you is when he does things just to make you happy.

“We’re going shopping today,” you say.

“Okay,” he says.

“We could spend in the shops for several hours.”

“That’s cool,” he says with a smile.

If he didn’t love you enough to do things he doesn’t like just to make you happy, you can be sure that he’ll either be grunting about shopping, or pretending that he’s ill.

“I think I’ve got a viral condition, honey.”

8. He Still Wants What Is Best For You

You know when you first start dating a guy and you tell him that you think you’d like to quit work one day and take up art instead? He agrees with you, says that it’s awesome and you should totally go for it. After all, no one should be made to do a job they hate. Follow your dreams and all that.

But when you’re together, he may have changed his tune. Rather than agreeing that you should take up art despite the fact that you won’t have as much money, he might tell you to be rational and to keep working your crummy job. Bills need paying et cetera. But if he really does love you, he’ll want what is best for you. If work is stressing you out and you want to quit, he’ll be on your side.

9. He Surprises You

There is nothing a girl likes quite as much as a surprise, and if he still loves you he will know this. Every now and then he might arrive home with a bunch of flowers, some chocolate, a bottle of wine or a book you’ve been wanting to read. This is one of clear signs he still loves you and wants to make you happy.

10. He’ll Tell You When He’s Thinking About You

Sometimes just a text is the biggest sign that he still loves you:

“Hey. I’m having a lousy day at work. But just thinking about coming home to you is getting me through the day.”

What are other signs he still loves you?

Stay happy!

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