Ladies, 14 Ways To Spot A Man Who’s Wasting Your Time

Ladies, 14 Ways To Spot A Man Who’s Wasting Your Time

By Lifestyles | The Trent on April 18, 2014
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We all know that some men can be as good as gold while others are the complete opposite. We’ve read about them in the media and heard about them from friends, and we all know that players are guys we want to avoid when it comes to the dating scene. To avoid getting burned, here are 14 tips to easily identify a player.

His eyes are always on the move

We can’t walk around blindfolded and no one expects us not to notice an attractive individual when we’re out and about, but a player’s eyes are consistently wandering. When a player sees an attractive girl  it’s likely  he’ll lose complete focus on you and will have no type of cool about himself. Eyes will wander, but when wandering becomes consistent staring, there’s a problem.

Communication comes and goes

Not everyone can be glued to their phone but with a player you’ll quickly notice that communicating throughout the day is hit or miss. One day you’ll be texting back and forth for hours and the next day you don’t hear a peep from him. Inconsistent communication is a big red flag.

He sweet talks you immediately

Some guys are just naturally sweet but until there’s some sort of emotional connection, most guys aren’t calling you pet-names or ringing your phone to say goodnight. If the guy you like is calling you baby and whispers sweet nothing into your ear, it may all seem nice, but it’s a trick. He’s talking you into letting down your guard and hopefully getting into his bed.

He’s overly friendly and flirtatious with others

There isn’t a thing wrong with being nice to people and for some being friendly is just their personality. However, a player will make flirtation and friendliness his best known skill. Clearly he’s using flirtation to make sure every woman he meets remains a possibility.

He always keeps you waiting

Does the guy you’re interested in agree to a date but cancel at the last minute? When you do go on a date is he often late? Does he refuse to respond to emails and texts from you? If so, he clearly thinks you aren’t worth his time and his schedule comes first.

The answer to every question is “maybe”

He’ll maybe have time to see you tomorrow. He’ll maybe be able to come over and watch a movie for the night. When maybe becomes his go-to answer for nearly everything, maybe he’s a player. Okay, he most likely is a player.

Your relationship is kept on the down-low

You don’t go out and do things publicly. When you drink you two are drinking at home. Eating a nice dinner doesn’t mean going to a restaurant but ordering from the local Chinese place. If your relationship is kept quiet and out of the public, he’s hiding you from something.

He has no interest in meeting your friends

When a guy wants something more than just a piece, as time progresses he’s interested in meeting your friends or maybe even your parents. If your guy has no desire to meet your friends or vice-versa, you’re probably just a temp girlfriend. There’s no need to introduce him to your friends and there’s no need for him to introduce you to his.

His friends are unknown

He talks a lot about his friends, boys, and his guys, but you have no clue what their names are. With this lack of detail, he clearly wants to keep his life private and separate from you. This is a big sign that he doesn’t want to let you get too close.

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