Ladies: 4 Secret ‘Categories’ Men Place You In

Ladies: 4 Secret ‘Categories’ Men Place You In

By iDate Daily on September 26, 2014

Ladies, let’s face it: Men really are from Mars. They are difficult to figure out, you can never know what they are really thinking and quite often, you have to translate their brains just to figure out what ‘s going on! I’ve coined a few labels to help you figure out how he really feels about you.

See if you can relate:

  1. The Homegirl – He calls you ‘dude’ or ‘man’. He asks you to go for a ride in his car (after you’ve helped him fix the engine), and you go to the pub for a beer, not a meal. He slaps you on the back (not the behind) and asks you to check out the hooters on the sassy piece that walks by. You are definitely in the friend zone, or he thinks of you as his tomboy sister. Give him a high five and send him on his way.
  2. The Bedroom Master– He wants to keep you around so he can get it on with you at a whim — usually his whim. He sends you risque texts (but never fun and flirty), and only late at night. You’ve never met his friends and he only sees you at your place. Forget fancy restaurants, he’ll only invite you to drink with him at a “hole in the wall” bar. He may be kind enough to see that you get home by walking you to the cab (for which you’ll be paying the fare). Delete, delete, delete! You’re better than sloppy seconds whenever it suits him!
  3. The Rebound Woman– You are tagged on all his social media sites, and when you two are in public, he can’t stop touching you. Sounds great! Until you’re alone. Then he mopes around, becomes moody, and stares at pictures of his ‘ex’. The public face is that he’s having a great time with his new ‘girl’, but the reality is that he is only trying to make someone else jealous. Hand him back to her, quickly!
  4. The One– He takes you to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He adds you two as being in a relationship on Facebook. You’ve met his friends and family, and you get along with them. He respects your thoughts, values, and opinions, and he is happy to look after you when you get the flu and look like a bad version of the wicked witch of the west. This one is marriage material and worth keeping. He is the real deal, and if you don’t steer him down the aisle, someone else will!

When it’s the real deal, he won’t seem so complicated. He’ll be perfectly normal and you will both reside on Earth. He will be clear with his thoughts and make sense (most of the time). You will appreciate him for all that he is – which is perfect for you!

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