Ladies, 5 Ways To Stop Your Man From Cheating On You

Ladies, 5 Ways To Stop Your Man From Cheating On You

By iDate Daily on February 10, 2014
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People sometimes cheat for reasons that we can’t explain.  But sometimes, they cheat because you’re coming up short in some way.  It’s easy to just say that infidelity comes down to whether a person is a good or bad human being, but that’s the easy lie you were told to make yourself feel better.  You actually have some say in whether or not you’re going to get your feelings hurt, but you have to be willing to consider other ideas before you’re ever going to position yourself to be protected against cheating.

Some people are just selfish and will cheat anyway.  You have to then decide if the relationship matters more than how you feel about the infidelity.  But for a man who is trying to do the right thing, you can help your situation by doing a few things to reduce his temptation to be sneaky.

Here are some things you can do to reduce the chance that your man will step out on you:

1) Be attentive to his physical and emotional needs without being judgmental – If you’re not at least trying to be all you can be for your man in the bedroom, this is going to make him naturally wonder what he can get elsewhere.  If you judge him and think that what he wants is nasty, you might make him feel rejected, which causes him to be attracted to women who accept him for who he is. If you’re not adult enough to try to hear out what your man wants from you in the bedroom, then go find another man to be with.

2) Don’t go snooping around and asking a million questions – If you don’t trust him, just leave.  But accept the fact that it’s not your right to always know everybody’s business. So, going through his phone or his facebook is only going to show you conversations or situations that may make you question his love for you.  But let’s be real, most people have secrets.  If he didn’t love you, he would be with someone else.  Also, you have to let go of this false belief that you can own another adult.  Don’t suffocate him, it’ll make him feel like a caged animal and cause him to work even harder to stray.

3) Spend plenty of time with him –  A lot of men talk to other women because their own woman isn’t around.  There was a song with the verse that said, “If you can’t love the one you want, you got to love the one you’re with.” So, not being around your man might make him look at other women.

4) Don’t emasculate him – when a woman makes a man feel weak, stressed all the time or like less of a man, he turns to another woman.  You are his pillow in a cold, cruel world, and nobody wants a pillow that feels like a rock.  Be the soft, warm, comforting force in his life, and not the wet blanket.  If you’re too masculine or too selfish to know how to nurture a man, then he’s going to want a woman who can do a better job.

5) Try to look your best for him when you can – if you let your appearance go, you’re letting the competition in.  That’s just a fact.  Imagine if your boss stopped paying you your full salary and started to give you half.  Would that make you more or less loyal to him?  Give your man something good to look at and something good to feel, then he will probably give you what you want.  You can at least do your best and see what happens.

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