Ladies, Is He Cheating On You? 28 Signs You Can’t Ignore

Ladies, Is He Cheating On You? 28 Signs You Can’t Ignore

By Lifestyles | The Trent on August 28, 2016
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There is nothing worse than not knowing whether your man is cheating on you and while I haven’t been through it myself, one of my closest friends recently went through it which is what triggered me to write today’s blog post.

I have sat down with my close friend and looked at some of the earlier signs in which led her to believe he was cheating. I have also gathered signs that experts and psychologists have determined are signs your man is cheating.

While it may not be something you want to find out whether he is cheating, it is for the better as you don’t want to be with a man who doesn’t respect you the way you should be. You deserve a man that only has eyes for you but you won’t find that man if you are currently dating a man that you are denying is cheating on you.

I have listed 29 signs which might mean your man is cheating on you but I have also explained how to tell whether he is cheating or whether he is just going through a rough patch.

1. Lipstick On His Collar

Lipstick on collar

I’m going to start with one of the most obvious signs that a man is cheating on you and while this isn’t something that my friend experienced, it is a sign worth mentioning. You’ve seen it in the movies or on the TV where the wife or girlfriend is sorting the laundry and notices lipstick marks on her husbands or boyfriend clothing.

You will be highly surprised as to how often this happens in the real world. Whether these cheating b**tards don’t realize it’s there or they are just too damn stupid to think that us women are stupid and won’t notice. There may be an honest reason why there is lipstick on his clothes from the night before such as some drunk woman throwing herself on him but that’s rare so if you find lipstick or makeup on his shirt it’s worth questioning him about it.

Make sure that the lipstick or makeup is 100% not your own first though as making a false accusation could damage your relationship.

2. Longer Working Days

Photo Credit: Shutterstock
Photo Credit: Shutterstock

If all of a sudden your guy is working longer days and doing a lot of overtime then it may be worth investigating as he very well could be spending those hours with another woman. One of my friends is a teacher at a school and was cheating on her long-time partner with another woman who was a teaching assistant at her school.

The affair got that serious that my friend actually thought she was in love with this woman and had even booked tickets to take her on a trip to Paris. She used to tell her partner that she was working all kinds of crazy hours at the school and still to this day she is none the wiser. I don’t know what it was that made my friend break up the affair but she did a while ago and now has a beautiful baby girl with her partner by insemination.

Saying all this though, your man may actually be working overtime but you can check this out by taking a peak at his latest wage slip. This should clearly state whether he has been doing overtime as much as he says.

3. He’s Not Present

Getty Images
Getty Images

Even when your guy is with you at home or out on a date, he can still not be present and be with you. This means that even when he is sitting next to you at home or having dinner, he is in his own little world and hardly noticing you are there.

Saying this however, when it’s a sport day and my husband’s team is playing, I can ask him a question about something and be completely ignored as if I don’t even exist. I always tell him it’s like talking to a brick wall sometimes when the football is on.

If however there is nothing distracting your man such as the game and he is still not present with you, then it may be cause for concern and could mean a little investigation is needed to hopefully settle your mind that he is not cheating or if he is.

4. He’s Starting To Dress Better

Photo | iStock
Photo | iStock

Another major tell-tale sign that your man may be cheating on you is if he is starting to make more of an effort with the way he is dressing. For example, if he usually goes to work in an old suit and bed hair but then all of a sudden starts going to work in top quality suits, his hair neatly gelled back and expensive cuff links then it is time to start wondering.

There could very well be an honest reason for your man dressing better for work though such as if he has received a promotion or if a promotion is coming up and he wants to be picked. If there is nothing happening with his work though and he starts dressing better than it is certainly behavior that is worth investigating.

It doesn’t just have to be for work neither, if he usually goes to the home improvement store or grocery shop dressed in sweats but then suddenly starts wearing aftershave and wearing his best jeans and shirt when going to the home improvement store then it is also worth investigating.

Take everything into consideration and investigate before making accusations though as again, false accusations can cause damage to your relationship.

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