Ladies: Which of These 10 Penis Shapes Are Most Pleasurable To You?

Ladies: Which of These 10 Penis Shapes Are Most Pleasurable To You?

By iDate Daily on June 10, 2015
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Though it’s rarely discussed in public, heterosexual women are attracted to men who are well endowed.

This information is according to a study led by Brian Mautz of Univ. of Ottaw in Canada. His research, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, finds that women rate the attractiveness of males by the size of their penis. “We show that penis size actually is important on some level and, importantly, it interacts with other traits,” says Mautz.

Since we know size is important, we can now discuss the various shapes and how each may provide various forms of pleasure to you. Here are 10 penis shapes and best positions for them that we found on OMG Ghana:

  1. Banana Shape: The name for this shape is obvious. This kind of penis is shaped just like a banana, they usually bend downward when erect. Now ladies, you need to be careful with this one, they are very deceptive, because when they are erected, it appears small due to the bending nature but when it gets in there, you could be surprised at the length it can go. So be very careful if you want to go doggy on this one, because you might not walk home properly. The best position for this kind of penis is the missionary position. Due to it’s bending nature and the angle the clitoris is located, it will surely be rubbing against your sweet bud throughout the thrusting. It also has the tendency of hitting the G-Spot due to it’s bending nature. Woman on top is also another position that best suits this type of penis.
  2. Hammer Shape: Ladies, in your life time, you might come across a penis shaped like a hammer, don’t laugh, it really exists. With this type of penis, the head of the penis is big while the shaft is small, giving it that kind of hammer-like look. You can still find a banana shaped penis with a hammer shaped penis or other shapes which also have a hammer shape. Hammer shaped penis are good at every position because you can feel the head touching all the insides of your inner walls, the only disadvantage is that, you might not get that clitoral stimulation during intercourse due to the size of the shaft, but it can surely hit that G-spot. Deep penetrations are not good for hammer shaped penises, shallow penetrations are the best since the G-spot is not that far and due to the shape of the head, it can easily rub against the G-spot.
  3. “C” Shape: This type of penis is shaped like the letter C bending to the right when erect. Usually some men develop this kind of shape due to a disease known as Peyronie’s disease. Others get it from accidents, while with some men it’s because of how they hide their boner in their pants, bending it to the right. If you recollect above, I stated the penis does not have a bone in it and so the direction you give to it is the angle it will grow to. C shaped penises are not all that satisfying but when it comes to the spooning position, you will love it. Just in case you don’t know what the spooning position is, it’s when the man penetrates from behind while they both lie side ways on the bed. The saddle position is also good for the C shaped penis. In the saddle position, the man sits on a chair or sofa, while the woman sits on it side ways. Some women might find it weird but what you need to know is that, when the penis enters the vagina, usually because there’s no bones in it, the vagina is able to correct some of these shapes, thereby straightening it.
  4. “S” Shape: If you thought the ‘C’ shaped penis was weird then wait till you hear about the ‘S’ shaped. This type of penis is shaped like the letter ‘S’, bending to the right and then to the left and to the right again. Women who have ever come across this type of penis usually write it off as it will be unable to perform but surprisingly they do perform. The ‘S’ shaped penis is not all that satisfying but they are good at giving you that tingling effect and it also depends on the man. Some men are good at using what they have, if you come across one of them, then that’s lucky for you. It’s also because of an accident, a circumcision gone wrong or bad habit of storing the member.
  5. Aliguntugui: Please note, this has nothing in common with the song, “aliguntugui”. This penis is shaped like the soar sop, hence the name. Aliguntugui is the local name for a sour sop in the Ga language from West Africa, Ghana. The fruit popularly known among Ghanaian folks as “sweet apple”. This type of penis is what we will simply term as a “Fat Penis”, it’s usually short, measuring about 4 to 5 inches in length but very wide and big in width. The width sometimes measures between 4 to 6 inches depending on the man and during intercourse, it feels like when you have your mouth full with water. It’s the kind of penis that enters you and you feel like you’re in the labour theater about to give birth. Any position is good for this kind of penis, so far as you have a wide opening and it definitely will give you that satisfaction because it will fill every nook and cranny of your vagina, scraping all your inner walls. If you don’t lubricate much during sex, then I won’t advice you to attempt this kind of penis but if you still want to be adventurous, you can go for a lubricant, they are available in pharmacy shops.
  6. Mushroom Shape: The mushroom shaped penis is slightly similar to the hammer shaped penis, the only difference is the mushroom shaped penis are usually small in size and also the head is more like an umbrella, just as a mushroom is shaped. The best position for this kind of penis is the doggy style because usually they don’t hurt that much and in the doggy position, they give you much satisfaction because during thrusting, the head will be rubbing against your clitoris giving you that sweet sensation you always crave for.
  7. Pencil Shape: This type of penis is the type that appears to be very straight but needs a closer look to ascertain it’s straightness but at a distance they appear very straight and slim. Sometimes it’s difficult to separate the head from the shaft, it all appears to be on the same level. Usually they are long and penetration from this kind of penis can hit the cervix directly causing pain for some women, just like poking someone’s eye with a pencil. If you’re a woman with a wide opening, it’s advisable to avoid this kind of penis because it can hardly give you that kind of satisfaction but the position to go for with this type is the woman on top. This gives you the opportunity to control distance it can travel but if you are carried away by the excitement and end up poking places it’s not suppose to, that will be your own headache. Doggy style is a no! no! for this type but spooning is okay with it.
  8. Carrot Shape: The carrot shaped is one of the most loved penis by women, due to the gradual satisfaction it provides as the heat gets on. This type of penis has a smaller head with a bigger shaft. The shaft is rather bigger than the head. Unlike the hammer and mushroom head, you don’t feel it during penetration but as  it goes deeper, you begin to feel it occupying all the inner walls. Deep penetration is good for this type of penis and so it’s good to go for doggy with this type, if you ever come across one. Missionary also works perfect with is type of penis. Aside that, it’s also okay with all types of positions too, but the most satisfying are the earlier mentioned ones.
  9. “Veiny” Penis: This type of penis could be any of the types above but has a lot of veins that clearly shows when erected  making it look pumped up and rough when erected. It looks very rough with full of veins well pumped up and ready to perform. Most women love to see the veins on a man’s member and goes crazy when she sees it lined with all those veins. If you’re that type, then you might want to search for this kind of penis. It’s very satisfying as the rough nature of the penis makes it feel like it’s vibrating within you giving you that sensation. All positions you come up with is okay with this type of penis. You will still get the satisfaction you need.
  10. Boomerang Shape:  A boomerang is a thrown tool that is shaped like a stick broken in the middle and turns back to the owner after hitting it’s target, don’t get too excited, this penis does not do that. This penis is just shaped like the tool slightly similar to the ‘C’ shaped penis but this one appears to be like it’s broken in the middle making it bend to the right or left. The bend side can also give you and extra satisfaction apart from what the real one will do because it makes it seem like an extra meat lodging in a different direction. The penis usually develop this shape due to the Peyronie’s disease or how it is stored in the pants. You must be creative and innovative if you stumble against this one. You decide which best will suit.

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