Ladies, Here Are 6 Things About Your Man You Should NEVER Tell...

Ladies, Here Are 6 Things About Your Man You Should NEVER Tell Your Friends

By Lifestyles | The Trent on August 26, 2019
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You may love him to bits. The things he does in the bedroom may surprise you—and any woman you tell—but that doesn’t mean you need to share it all. There are some things that your friends really don’t want to know about your man. They’re not the ones dating him and have to talk to him on a friend basis.

Your Bedroom Antics

Your friends really don’t need to know about what happens in the bedroom. There are only a few times that you will get away with sharing—if you are talking about generalities or you are asking them for advice.

However, they don’t need to know every little detail. You don’t want your friends to be embarrassed the next time they see him at a social gathering.

His Low Income

There is no need to share his income with others. Your friends will ask you what he does but they’re wanting to find out whether he is worthwhile.

Income doesn’t say that—he could be an egotistical banker with thousands of dollars each month and be the worst man in the world for you! A low income doesn’t mean something bad and it’s opening up a lot of embarrassment for him.

His Inability to Do DIY

Not all men are good at DIY and it doesn’t make him less of a man. You may think it’s funny that you do all the oil changes but he may be great at other things in the house.

There’s no need to make fun of that to your friends. He will be hurt if he finds out you’ve shared these details, so ask him if you want to share the funny story.

His Beliefs—Religious or Political

The only friends who may ask about religious beliefs are those who have strong ones themselves; maybe those at the same church, temple or other place of worship that you attend regularly.

Other than that, there is no need to divulge any of his beliefs. They will just cause an argument and there’s no need for the angst. Even those who may ask with good intensions may think differently of him when you tell them, so avoid it all together.

His Difficult Past

Everyone comes with baggage but some have more than others. Ask yourself whether you would like him sharing dark secrets from your past with his friends.

Your friends really don’t need or want to know about the abusive parents, the troubled teenage years or anything else that could have affected him. It could cloud their judgment of your relationship by assuming the worst in the way that he will treat you.

The Negative Things He Says

He will say something negative about your family and friends. He could even say something negative about you.

Some of these may be out of anger but he could just be jealous or try to mean it in a good way. Your friends don’t want to know what he says about others!


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