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Unauthorised Journey: Lionel Messi on Thin Ice at PSG After Unsanctioned Trip

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PARIS, France – Paris Saint-Germain’s (PSG) superstar Lionel Messi is currently under disciplinary proceedings due to his unapproved travel to Saudi Arabia.

The French club’s management has taken issue with the Argentine player’s actions, which occurred following the team’s 3-1 home defeat to Lorient in a Ligue 1 match on Sunday. Messi, who will turn 36 in June, risks suspension as a consequence of his actions.

“Messi’s absence during a crucial preparation period is not taken lightly by the club,” an anonymous source within PSG disclosed to AFP. “The length of the possible suspension is still being decided but will likely be a few days.”

Messi, the Argentine World Cup-winning captain and seven-time Ballon d’Or recipient, made the trip to Saudi Arabia for business purposes. However, after the loss to Lorient, PSG’s coach cancelled the usual rest day, necessitating Messi’s presence in Paris. This last-minute change put Messi in breach of his duties to the team.

Since his transfer from Barcelona in 2021, Messi’s performance at PSG has come under scrutiny. Despite scoring 31 goals in 69 appearances, many fans believe he has not matched the unparalleled form he demonstrated at Barcelona.

Some PSG supporters have begun to view Messi as emblematic of the club’s flawed strategy, focusing excessively on acquiring star players while neglecting to build a cohesive, competitive team.

“The club’s focus should be on building a strong, unified team, not just on signing superstar players,” said Jean-Pierre on Tuesday, May 2, 2023, a long-time PSG fan. “Messi’s current situation only highlights this issue.”

The Argentine player’s recent actions, which have caused unrest among fans, were reflected in the team’s 1-0 home defeat against Lyon in Ligue 1, during which his name was jeered by sections of the crowd. Messi’s unauthorized trip and its potential repercussions may further strain his relationship with the club and its supporters.

As the disciplinary procedure unfolds, it remains to be seen what impact this incident will have on Messi’s tenure at PSG and his standing among the team’s fan base.

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