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Mariah Carey Sues Former Assistant For Allegedly Blackmailing Her With ‘Intimate Videos’

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Singer Mariah Carey has reportedly sued her former assistant for at least $3 million for allegedly blackmailing her with “intimate” and “embarrassing” recordings.

Lianna Azarian, who was reportedly hired in 2015 to be Carey’s executive assistant, allegedly recorded ‘personal activities’ of the singer and threatened to sell them after she was fired in 2017

According to Carey’s lawsuit, when Azarian joined her employ, she quickly took advantage of her position by using her boss’ credit cards without permission to buy personal items and convince retailers that they were for the singer, thus tarnishing her good will to get discounts.

Carey also alleges that, without her knowledge or consent, her assistant filmed a video of her “personal activities.” It remains vague as to what’s actually in the recordings, but the suit reportedly “intimate,” “embarrassing” and contain “personal activities.”

Despite making an estimated $337,000 a year, Azarian reportedly tried to blackmail $8 million from Carey in exchange for keeping the information private.

TMZ reports that Carey demanded the videos and other evidence of criminal activity be returned to her, but was ignored.

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