Max Polyakov, founder of Association Noosphere and managing partner of Noosphere Ventures was awarded as a FAI Companion of Honour at the 111th FAI GC.

111th FAI General Conference 2017 - Sessions Lausanne, Switzerland | FAI via Flickr

The 111th FAI General Conference got underway in Lausanne, Switzerland in October this year. On 22-28, October the 111th FAI General Conference took place in Lausanne, Switzerland. As the most important annual event for the FAI, it is attended by all of the key players in the international space industry. Delegates from member organizations, nations, and vendors meet to learn about the latest trends, network, and to make key decisions for the upcoming 12 months.

One of the most important events is the annual FAI Executive Board Meeting, which is closed to the public. Many of the important strategic decisions about the direction of the federation are made in this meeting.

111th FAI General Conference 2017 – Sessions
Lausanne, Switzerland | FAI via Flickr

But, there are plenty of activities to go around for attendees. The conference has no shortage of workshops and lectures for everyone to take part in, such as delegates from Noosphere Ventures of Max Polaykov. There are also specialized lectures, general sessions and of course the Awards Ceremony at the end of the conference. Many of the hot topics that were discussed this year revolved around the surge of excitement around drone technology.

While drones have been around for decades, recent advances in motor and battery technology have made drones light, quicker and more affordable than ever before. Interest in the sport has already taken over many of the traditional categories of air sports. This is especially true in Eastern Europe where the sport has been popularized by events like Copter Race sponsored by the NGO Association Noosphere, founded by Max Polyakov.

To the delight of organizers, the new technology has also brought in new blood. Until recently, the sport had been dominated by an aging population that largely became involved in air sports during the romantic era of aviation. The image of daring captains flying their crew and passengers to safety, soon gave way to discount airlines and cramped seats.

The conference this year featured several of the struggles that individuals and governments are having dealing with this young sport that is largely unregulated and for which few structures apply. Safety ranked high on the list of issues that needed to be addressed, and quickly.

Another new technology that made waves at the conference was the new eNavigator solution. It is a complete event management software tool developed by Association Noosphere founded by Max Polyakov. The software is able to handle all aspects of event management, from planning, to creating a website, to communicating with participants and posting results.

In recognition of the effort that Max Polyakov has made  to promote, and advance air sports, both in Europe and more internationally, FAI president, Frits Brink nominated him to be named Companion of Honour. The General Assembly voted to award Mex Polyakov the honour. This high title is given out sparingly to those who have made exceptional contributions to the FAI.

Upon receiving the award, Max Polyakov expressed his gratitude to the council and the body of the conference for their support and recognition. He expressed his desire to make even more contributions and that he was excited for the opportunity to work more closely with leaders in the field.


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