Meet General Buhari’s Daughter, Zahra Living The Good Life In London (PHOTOS)

Meet General Buhari’s Daughter, Zahra Living The Good Life In London (PHOTOS)

By Joy Abobi | News Reporter on January 14, 2015
General Muhammadu Buhari
General Muhammadu Buhari

Contrary to the false impression created by General Mohammed Buhari of a poor, humble and incorruptible former President, the lifestyle of his daughter, Zahra Buhari who is a medical microbiology student of the University of Surrey, United Kingdom, speaks otherwise.

According to The Breaking Times report, the former head of state has spent about £64,000 in the past four years on Zahra’s tuition fees, and £86,000 on accommodation, travels and other living expenses for her stay in the UK which amounts to £150,000 which is about N43 million.

Zahra Buhari and a friend on a shopping spree | Photo: LindaIkeji Blog

Meanwhile Zahra is known for her extravant lifestyle which involves numerous shopping spree with friends, partying and the list goes on and on.

Former military head of state, General Muhammed Buhari, who is also running for president under the All Progressive Congress (APC) has painted an image of a poor man who did not amass wealth while in public office. He calms that he owns 150 cows and N1 million in his bank account. His claims are not consistent with the expensive lifestyle of his daughter.

Another of Buhari’s daughters, Halima recently wed Babagana Sherrif, son of former Borno State Governor, Ali Modu Sheriff, a man the APC allege is a Boko Haram sponsor. Zahra is also seen the video of the wedding below.


  1. Why you guys go for un fact issues. What concerns you of his daughter’s life elsewhere, this man has bin tested and trusted. So pls stop all this harassment.publish what could Leeds Nigeria to a better level.

  2. Why should the life of his family been an issue now? I have observed that, this media how has nothing to offer other than discrediting people and their personal.

    Even if Zahra is a biological daughter of Gen. Buhari and the said amount was spent on her education, what does it hard to do portraying as a liar? Buhari as former Head of State has associates all around the globe. So, sponsoring of his children education abroad or in Nigeria will not be a big deal. This man is clean and honest. Live with it!

  3. Umar you are talking rubbish, by their fruits you shall know them!….Your holier than thou Buhari is also corrupt , unless his daughter is a prostitute to generate such amount of money on herself. By the way she is not even schooling in Nigeria!!.. fools!!

  4. Hmmmmmmm! Nigerains dey can so fool your heads, so someone can say is her fathers friends that is sponring her daughter, na wah for the person that made dat comment

  5. Desperation by those who are plotting to hijack power from the incumbent are wasting their time. Why would a sane person blow him/her self up just to make a statement. Unholy alliance or marriage by those who after stealing so much from the PDP led govt. and moved to APC is like Vampires crossbreeding with wolves..they will gift birth to Monsters. Buhari will not win election and we know that his foot soldiers are getting ready for war but they will be consumed by the evil plans they have hatched for the innocent citizens. All terrorists are Muslims but not all Muslims are terrorists.

  6. Many have not learned from history.. It’s pity that many have not realized that God plays a major role in directing the affairs of a men.

  7. So this publication is enough proof of “extravagant lifestyle”?
    Where are the receipts obtained to prove payment?
    Even if you know the cost of the expensive school she attends you have no proof of means of payment.
    Her father I believe has enough goodwill to get sponsors for her or even scholarships.
    Not saying it’s not possible for her father to be the sponsor of her education but what’s your proof?
    Not all Nigerians are as stupid as you think.

  8. Even if he spent 50m on his daughter’s tuition in UK, dat is his investment. Our president spent well over dat on his so called foster daughters and some of u typing rubbish did not even have a friend dat was invited and ure talking trash here. Wedding and education fees for four years, which shuld cost more abeg???

  9. This is senseless and baseless! Get your records straight before sponsoring fallacies with your I’ll gotten wealth and theft-cum-loot from our treasury! Ordinary Deputy directors and likes of that status quo have their wards in the US and EUROPE talk more someone whom has created lasting legacies within just 20 months of ruling the Country. Again, isn’t she good enough to grapple the attention of all the rich guys in the UK? If you were opportune won’t you foster her bills? Go to hell haters! I remain your man of the Year! Emmyboss!

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