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Incredible: Meet The 15-Year-Old Millionaire: Has 113 Contractors Working For Him (PHOTO, VIDEO)

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Jaylen Bledsoe is a shining example of what can be accomplished when we are willing to take risks. Because Bledsoe took some chances and had focus at an early age, he soon found himself heading one of the largest IT consulting companies in the Mid-west. Now, Bledsoe Technologies is worth seven figures and the young teen is the king of his own castle.

Bledsoe gives credit to his mentors for teaching him about the importance of being focused and working hard for his goals. He formed his LLC at the age of 13 and built his company from that point on. Jaylen shows us that it’s never too early to teach a child to run a business. Rather than having them learn how to play video games and learning how to grow up and work for someone else, you can be laying the blueprint for their future.

Jaylen is also taking part in activities that spur entrepreneurship within other young people and people of color. The taste of freedom is intoxicating and it’s amazing when you finally see all of the possibilities that emerge when you’re finally working for yourself. Jaylen says that when he first started, he had just two contractors that worked for him. Now, he says he has 113 contractors all around the country. Way to go Jaylen!

Watch a video about Jaylen:

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