Memoirs Of A Single Christian Lady: Benefits And Burdens Of My Status

Memoirs Of A Single Christian Lady: Benefits And Burdens Of My Status

By Alberta Irimagha | Contributor on October 22, 2019
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Being single comes with all its burdens and benefits.

Today I felt the benefits of being single. First of all, when I got out of bed to get ready for work, there was no Mr. Man to prepare breakfast for. I almost danced, especially because last week I was in Ebi’s (my sister) house and I saw her slump into bed by 12.30am and jump out again by to get her husband and kids ready for work and school.

This morning, I prepared just me – single me – for work and stepped out in glamour. I knew I looked glamorous because even Josiah the gateman said, “Ah ah, aunty! Today go good o, you dey shine o!” I even got a lift to work. You will never believe who gave me the lift; Mrs Brown of all people. Mrs. Brown, my 45-year-old-married-mother-of-2 neighbour, who always says about me to anyone who cares to listen, “That one is just getting old and achieving nothing.” Can you imagine that?

So,in spite of the fact that I have a job, pay my own rent, have 2 B.As and one MBA, I have achieved nothing because I am single. Anyway, her attitude towards me today was different; I had the rare privilege of getting a lift from her. She even said as I sat in her car, “You single girls are always shining o! No stress in your life.” I tried hard not to laugh.

Secondly, guess who got a 2 way ticket to Abuja to attend a one week ‘Train the trainers’ program with wonderful hotel arrangements on top? Me!!!  Kelechi, the accountant in my office, had been struggling to get into the bosses good books so she can get selected. She had even tried to put everyone down in the departmental meeting last week with her allusions about the ignorance of the rest of us regarding the ‘larws’ and policies of the organization. I don’t know where she got the impression that there is an ‘r’ in ‘law’. She just kept on saying the ‘larw’, the ‘larw’ until everyone was sure it couldn’t be ‘law’ she was referring to. Anyway, I got the ticket in spite of her shenanigans and guess why. It was simply because I am single – that’s all. The boss informed me that he didn’t want to risk sending anyone else because he didn’t want to hear, “Let me inform my husband first,” or “My children… “Lucky me; I am the one that gets to dance away to Abuja.

Why am I even ranting, I should be packing my bags. Who knows what this trip may bring? Besides, a few months ago, I met someone who says he lives in Abuja. I refused his advances then, but on second thoughts… one is not getting any younger o! Maybe I’ll just check up on him, who knows whether he is the one for me sef. Chai! When will this seemingly endless search for Mr. Husband end?

I really need Jesus now more than ever.



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