Memoirs Of A Single Christian Lady: When Kelechi, The Lawyer, Tried To...

Memoirs Of A Single Christian Lady: When Kelechi, The Lawyer, Tried To Steal My Work

By Alberta Irimagha | Contributor on February 6, 2020
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Kelechi was at it again today. There I was at my desk in the office thinking and smiling to myself, reminiscing on Christmas and how fun it used to be for us as children when my father was still on this side of life.

The beautiful Christmas lunches with my extended family round a long table filled with goodies, the time spent swimming at the beach on my father’s back, the shopping for shoes at December trade fairs, etc and all the many fun things we did- curtsey of my father’s impeccable planning (a father is actually the best thing that can ever happen to a girl; that’s the one man who’s gonna love you unconditionally) when suddenly I overheard Kelechi talking about the importance of the ‘Larws’ and policies in this organization and how her job as the organization’s ‘larwyer’ was of paramount importance and in fact should be ‘ersteemed’ (esteemed she meant) far above all others and many more similar statements (she kept on inserting ‘r’ into words even though ‘r’ had no business being there).

I was wondering what incentive was lurking around the corner (because Kelechi’s shenanigans always came to play whenever there was something she considered an incentive hanging around somewhere and believe me, she always has a way of smelling incentives out, weeks before they manifest). All my antennas were therefore up when my boss came in and said,

Boss: That was a fast one, how did you get the proposal done so fast?

To which I, thinking the question was directed at me, replied, “I spent the night doing it. I thought it might be wise to send it in today.”

My boss turned to Kelechi and said;

Boss: Ah, ah, Kelechi, I thought you said you were the one that did it. Are you saying it was you Ema?

Kelechi, not being light-skinned enough to turn red in shame (although she’s really trying hard enough to lighten her skin, even though she keeps getting a burnt reddish-brown for her efforts – it’s definitely Bobrisky’s bleaching cream she’s using), managed to bow her head in shame and mumbled something to herself.

My boss got so upset and gave her a piece of all our minds I’m sure because she even said stuff that had nothing to do with this failed attempt of Kelechi’s to steal my credits.

Boss: So Kelechi, you call yourself a lawyer and you are trying to steal someone’s hard work enh? Your own is just to sit down here and be using ‘r’ to speak bad English here and harassing everybody with your cut and nail ‘Larws’. And you had the effrontery to send your account details to the accountant to give you 10% for writing proposal sebi? No wonder you came up with that greedy policy.

My boss went on and on and finally threatened her with a query. After the boss’s door had shut behind him, Kelechi hissed a 2-minute long hiss at me, as if I was the culprit in the matter and she the victim. Then she stormed out of the office (I heard she actually went to the bathroom to cry). I just didn’t get it. I would have thought I reserved the right to be upset considering it was my work she had tried to steal and make some cash off of. Apparently, things are upside down in her world.

Anyway, the minute Kelechi stormed out, I went right back to reminiscing on my Christmases with my father (those were the best years of my life and he was the best man in the world) I miss him now that Christmas is here again.

I really need Jesus now more than ever.

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