Memoirs Of A Single Christian Lady: Today, I Went On A Date...

Memoirs Of A Single Christian Lady: Today, I Went On A Date With An Atheist

By Alberta Irimagha | Contributor on November 20, 2019
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6.15pm: Saturday.
The training in Abuja is over and I can now unwind and go out for my date. I don’t know what to wear. A.T says he is taking me to dinner tonight. In his words, “Let me treat you to something really good and have a good talk over a beautifully laid out dinner table.” Then he threw in something about adding some spice to my life. By the way, A.T is the Abuja guy who’s been asking me out for a while now. Although I have been refusing his advances because I have always sensed a bit of pride and pomposity somewhere in his speeches (for instance when he told me, “Allow me spice up your boring life a bit”), I figured I could at least give it a shot. Who cares anyway if he thinks my life is boring, dinner is dinner and all the wonderful things that come with wearing a beautiful dress to a beautiful place. Also eating a bellyful of beautiful food comes with any dinner, whether  it is dinner with a husband or just L.W.

8.30pm: Saturday
I am so upset! Why is it that everyone who thinks they are doing you a favor expects you to agree with their every opinion and have none of your own? Can you imagine A.T having the effrontery to shove his atheist opinions down my throat, expecting me to swallow it and say, “Thank you.”

Okay, there I was, soaking in the ambience around the exquisite lounge he took me to and of course salivating as a result of the amazing aroma coming from the beautifully laid out table before me – curtesy A.T.. I inhale, exhale and say, “God is good.” The next thing I hear is:

A.T: God isn’t good, I am.
Me: Well every good gift comes from above, so God is good through you.
A.T: Don’t start with this your religious bull shit again, or you might have to ask God to get you another table and have Him pay for your dinner.
Me. Let me save you the trouble, wherever God isn’t welcome, I am not welcome because He is attached to me after all.

After a heated argument between us, I storm out and head back to my lodge. Just because he thinks he is doing me a favor, I am expected to lick his feet! By the way, let me explain why in my opinion A.T thinks taking me to dinner should be considered the favor of the year – I will describe myself.

I am one of those ladies who have absolutely nothing going on for them appearance-wise. I am not ugly, but I am not one you could describe as, “Wow! She is beautiful!”  I have always been ordinary, actually the only ordinary female in my family (everyone else is beautiful). I am dark skinned (not one of those attractive, fair skinned, my-beauty-is-in-your-face girls), short (a little over 5 ft.), skinny and not shapely. As a child, I was the one nobody saw, noticed or wanted to reckon with. I was the one who’s identity as part of the family everyone doubted. I was the dark child trailing my beautiful light skinned sisters. Currently, I am a thirty something year old-short-dark skinned-skinny-single girl with not a relationship, or engagement ring in sight. You get the drift abi? You see why A.T things I should be grateful for the favour?

The truth is, I am too old to care about my lack of beauty or whatever else I lack. I got past that years ago. Today, I work, earn a salary, pay my rent and cater to the needs of a lot of people. If that hasn’t earned me the right to an opinion, I don’t know what will.

OMG!! There goes another ‘prospective husband’ down the drain! When will this search end?!

The problem now is; I am sitting on my bed in my dinner gown and I am really hungry. I should have grabbed some food off that table before storming out. Silly me. I don’t know Abuja that well, so where I’m I gonna get food. What will I eat now? I really need Jesus now more than ever.




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