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Men: 3 Easy Ways To Get Her To Say Yes To SEX

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“Not tonight honey, I’ve got a headache.”  This is an age old phrase which is meant to convey, “You’re not getting me between your sheets, tonight!”  So how do you get rid of her headache and get her to say, “Come to bed with me, baby!”

Men, you need to plan this.  You can’t just buy some second rate flowers on the way home and wing it at the last minute.  You need to create the right mood.  Here are some suggestions:

1.  Romance Her – My sweet, Great Grandmother, told my mother that “men think with their stomachs and wieners, while women think with their heads and hearts.”  Things haven’t changed that much in the last

50 years.  Women love being romanced with wine, chocolates and flowers.  Why do you think Valentine’s Day is such a big money spinner?  Women love it!

Even if it’s not Valentine’s Day, try coming home with a bunch of flowers (ditch the chocolates if she’s on a diet) and tell her how beautiful she looks.  Kiss her in the way she likes to be kissed and admire her as she gets dressed for the dinner you are taking her out to.  You’ll be well on the way to a good night in – even though you are going out.

2.  Talk to Her – When I said, women think with their heads as well as their hearts, I meant it literally.  Women like to think, talk and discuss. Are you surprised?  And women want you to engage in talk while listening to what they have to say.

They don’t want you to fix their problems they are having with their mother, sister or boss, but just listen, engage and ask questions.  Ask her how you can help her.  Bring her a glass of wine and guide her to the couch to sit down with her.  Stroke her hair as she talks, and give her some gentle hugs.  She’ll appreciate it and be very receptive to any advances you may make.

3.  Help Out With the Chores – This one is a no brainer, but men are often surprised when I suggest this, and even more surprised when it works!  The recent article “3 Reasons Men Should Help with the House Chores”  highlights the fact that if you help out with the chores at home, you’ll get more time together and she won’t be too tired for getting cozy under the covers!

Help her cook dinner and make dessert by delicately feeding her a morsel of food, as you prepare the meal together.  Pop it in her mouth, then follow it with a soft, slow, sensual kiss. Set the mood for the night.  She’ll be so much more willing to leave washing the dishes til the morning, and she’ll probably be happy to wash your back instead, as you shower together!

Men, there are times when the beeping of the morning alarm signals a spontaneous, intimate romp in the bedroom before shower and work.  But if you want to cultivate a long lasting, committed relationship where making love is a constant, then you need to start your brain ticking and plan those mood moments to make it happen.

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