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Men Do These 8 Girly Things But Will Never Ever Admit It

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We’ve been raised into believing that men and women have specific traits – masculine and feminine, respectively, that define their gender roles. While men ought to represent strength and bravery, women are seen as somewhat weak and docile.

Adhering to this enduring tradition are today’s men who find it difficult to accept their ‘feminine’ side. One of the reasons why men don’t reveal this side to people is because they consider it a weakness. Best selling author Durjoy Datta agrees, “Absolutely! Guys have big egos. But then every male has a feminine side and every female has a masculine. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

Times have changed. Pink is no longer coveted only by women and grooming salons have started coming up with exclusive packages for men. So today we probe into the ‘girly’ things that most men do but won’t admit doing.

Men cry and it’s not unmanly to do so!
Crying is an emotion; some choose to express it while some don’t. But whoever thinks it’s a womanly trait certainly deserves a dash of maturity in his/her outlook. “I wouldn’t say I cried but yes my eyes were moist when I found out about Rahul Dravid’s decision to retire,” says Amit Panhale who wouldn’t mind giving up his corporate job to write about sports. Crying is associated by weakness, which is why most men are apprehensive about it. Marriage and relationship counsellor Dr Gitanjali Sharma adds, “Men break down during counselling sessions and the funny thing is that they become conscious almost immediately. They apologize for crying and also ask me if it’s normal for men to cry.”

Men watch chick-flicks, listen to Taylor Swift!
There’s something about aggressive movies like Inglourious Basterds, Star Wars, Matrix, The Dark Knight series and more that appeals to almost all men. Hard-hitting genres that involve warfare, car crashes and assassinations, are an all time hit among them. Little did we know that they too take a break and sometimes indulge in feel-good mushy movies. Srinath, a Chennai based photographer says, “I like watching romantic comedies. It makes me feel all nice and warm.” In fact, Two Weeks Notice, Music & Lyrics and Before Sunrise happen to be his favourites.

Girly drinks don’t make men girly
The only two kinds of alcohol you’re likely to find in a bachelor’s refrigerator is either beer or scotch whiskey. A lime margarita with a cute paper umbrella tucked on the edge is certainly not their style. However, there are times when men like to keep it light and actually enjoy the colourful, syrupy drinks with almost negligible amount of alcohol content. “Sessions of Jack Daniel’s can happen anytime with friends. But when I go out with my girlfriend, I don’t mind drinking wine coolers. It’s my way of giving her company,” says Anuj Sharma, senior manager with a digital ad agency.

Grooms like grooming
Men and their mannerisms have undergone a grooming, thanks to waxed chests, hot oil massages, manicures and pedicures, hair spas and more. Make up artist Simmi Ghai concurs, “Men no more shy away from visiting the beauty salon. Sales of cosmetics like sunscreen lotions, fairness creams and hair conditioners have gone up over the years. Besides straight men who mostly come in for hygiene grooming, we have a lot of gay clients too who get their eyebrows done, fake eyelashes put etc.”

Shopping is therapeutic, irrespective of gender
Retail therapy is a cure for mood swings and who better than women would relate to it. But it seems men love it too. US-based software engineer Kunaal Kapoor drops in to pick up something new every now and then. “I don’t think shopping is restricted only to women. I love to shop for myself – sunglasses, shoes, belts and of course clothes. It uplifts my spirits and saves me from sulking,” he shares.

Other girly things that men do
– It’s a common perception that men think about sex all the time but the truth is that they too love cuddling and extending the foreplay session like most women.

– Who says only women gossip? Men gossip too! Try eavesdropping into an all boys’ party and you’ll hear some astonishing conversations from their world of gossip.

– Nick names are no longer just a woman’s thing. Men love calling their wives and girlfriends by cute, cuddly names, in private of course!

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