Money: Can You Make A Living By Playing Online Games?

Money: Can You Make A Living By Playing Online Games?

By Leo Vine | Contributor on August 5, 2019
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There are ways one can make a living by playing online games. Playing in new online casino UK is one way. Sports betting is big business and if a person has a good understanding of sports, sports betting, and the odds; chances are that the person can make a living making small to medium sports bets on matches and tournaments.

Online Bingo games also provide an opportunity to earn money online. Many different sites offer live Bingo games and the player would simply create an account, login and join a chat room where members join games. The games are played live online twenty fours a day. There is a small fee to join some Bingo games while some game sites offer it for free. Typically, games which require the player to pay a fee to play usually have larger payouts on winnings than free games.

Playing in online casinos is another avenue to make an income. Online casinos are like traditional casinos but are based online on the Internet. Usually the odds as well as the payback percentages of online casinos are higher than in traditional casinos. The casinos use software so to play you would require a computer, internet access, a credit card to make payment, and a means to receive your earnings.

There are different types of online casinos. In some online casinos you would have to download and install the software. In a web-based casino, the players play directly on the website. There are also live dealer games where a real person runs and oversees the game from a real casino and players can join through a live stream. Players communicate with the dealer through instant messaging. In the live dealer game, results are determined by actual people playing and not software.

Gaming is another way to make money online. Some games have huge payouts in multiplayer online video games. However it requires great skill and practice. There are many ways of making money by playing online games, one way is to create a channel or an account on a streaming service like Twitch or YouTube Gaming and live stream your game. If you are interesting and engaging you can build a huge audience. With a huge audience you can earn money through advertising, donations, or subscriptions.

Another way to earn money by playing games online is similar to the above method but you would also offer tutorials and guides to your audience. If you become prolific in multiplayer games, you can create a website where you offer live or recorded tutorials, and you can also make money by creating online game guides as an eBook. In both of these cases, you can earn money by placing adverts in the guides as well as the tutorials. You would have to be a fairly decent writer who is engaging and has a good personality.

YouTube is a community with a large audience. You can make money online by creating a gaming channel where you play games, hold discussions, and hold questions and answer sessions. The YouTube videos can be monetized to earn you income. Secondly, you can have subscribers support you through Patreon. You can make a living by playing online games but you have to be dedicated and highly skilled.


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