Mothers Are Making Money Selling Breast Milk Online: Is That Ok?

Mothers Are Making Money Selling Breast Milk Online: Is That Ok?

By Wires | The Trent on June 21, 2014
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Doctors have touted the health benefits of breast milk for infants for years, but now there is a shocking new trend of adults drinking breast milk. Recent reports claim that athletes are now using breast milk as an alternative to energy and health food drinks.  Breastfeeding moms sell hundreds of gallons of breαst milk through online classifieds on sites such as OnlytheBreast and Human Milk 4 Human Babies.  The going rate is usually around $2.50 per ounce.

Anthony, an athlete from Queens who is in his 30s, told that he knows of “a lot of guys” who drink “the good stuff.”  He is not worried about what people may think of his choice either.  He states: “I don’t believe in steroids or other energy supplements, none of that garbage.  I want natural stuff that’s God-given, and if it’s okay with moms looking to get rid of (the breast milk), I’ll take it.”  Anthony feels that the breast milk makes him feel healthier.

Lactation consultant Jan Barger reports that breast milk also helps patients who are undergoing chemotherapy because it is easily absorbed by the digestive system.  David from Brooklyn says that breast milk helped him get rid of the nausea associated with chemotherapy.

It’s not just athletes and cancer patients drinking the “liquid gold” either.  Jason Nash says that when his wife breast fed their first child, he tried out breast milk.  Nash has continued drinking it, as he believes it helps prevent illness.

New York Magazine is reporting that breast milk “is more nutritious than anything you can get from a cow, best for body building, the secret to fighting off disease, and a sure-fire way to boost energy levels.  It’s the energy drink of the future.”  While many may view adults drinking breast milk as taboo, the magazine may have a valid point if people continue to try it out and like the benefits they get from it.

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