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Nigerian Military Release Videos Of Ongoing Counter-Terrorism Operation (CLICK)

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Operational videos about how Nigerians troops are battling and dislodging terrorists inside the notorious Sambisa Forest have shown the dexterity of Nigerian Air Force pilots as masters of their trade.
In some exclusive videos obtained by PR Nigeria, pilots are seen taunting the terrorists with hundreds of the latter running helter skelter and fleeing into different directions. The videos show the dislodged and disorganized terrorists in flight on different directions and running helter-skelter in the expansive forest.
In another footage, the video depict how vulnerable women and children were cautiously and deliberately guided to safety by the Nigerian pilots.
An officer involved in the operation said: “Since the essence of the operation is not to kill everybody in sight, the Air Force pilots deploy their skills in herding both terrorists and their captives in different directions so that those conscripted and abducted were guided to safety zone while the armed terrorists met their waterloos.”
Since they invaded the notorious forest, the Nigerian troops have rescued over 500 females. In the first daring and precise operation, the troops rescued about 300 women and girls while many terrorists camps including Tokumbere were destroyed.
In another operation, that involved Special Forces, another set of 234 women and children were rescued through the Kawuri and Konduga end of Sambisa forest.
Military sources told PRNigeria that the sustained operations deep into the Sambisa forest is being spearheaded by the Air Force through what an officer called “tactical aerial bombardments and guided reconnaissance” with the main objective of decimating and clearing the terrorists from the forest which is their last bastion.
Since this particular operation commenced, several field commanders and foot soldiers of the terrorist group have lost their lives with some armoured personnel carriers, vehicles mounted with Anti-Aircraft guns, and several trucks also destroyed by the military.
See the videos below:

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