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Nigerian Pastor Warns Tinubu: ‘Stay Away from Those Supporting Same-sex Marriage’

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AKURE, Nigeria — President Bola Tinubu of Nigeria has come under the cautionary watch of a prominent religious figure after a recent meeting with the Co-Chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Bill Gates.

The Senior Pastor of Awaiting The Second Coming Of Christ Ministry, Adewale Giwa, has implored President Tinubu to exercise discernment regarding his alliances.

In a high-profile meeting last week in Abuja, President Tinubu reiterated his dedication to partnering with Bill Gates on healthcare initiatives.

The president committed to contributing all necessary resources to work alongside Gates, focusing especially on the eradication of polio, measles, malaria, and other diseases that continue to plague various regions.

However, in a sermon on Sunday, June 25, 2023, in Akure, Pastor Giwa took issue with this new partnership, expressing concerns about the moral and spiritual implications.

He urged President Tinubu to steer clear of those who he believes could lead him away from Godly values.

“Tell the president to run away from those supporting same-sex marriage, stay away from those preparing the way for Antichrist to take over the world,” Pastor Giwa warned his congregation.

He continued, “The devil won’t give you anything without getting something back from you. Why are you working with those who are against God?”

Pastor Giwa emphasized the importance of scrutinizing the moral standing of international partners. The pastor made no direct allegations against Bill Gates but seemed to issue a general warning regarding alliances with global figures.

Regarding President Tinubu’s performance so far, Giwa told his congregation, “Someone asked me during the week in this church, ‘Daddy, can’t you see that President Tinubu is performing?’ I said, how? It’s too early to commend, and it’s too early to criticise his government.”

The pastor also advised that President Tinubu’s wife should play a role in offering counsel. “He is wining and dining with the world’s rulers; he must tread carefully. His wife should call and quickly advise him to avoid those who want to wage war against God’s people,” he added.

While President Tinubu’s commitment to healthcare development is seen as a positive step by many, the concerns raised by Pastor Giwa highlight the complex interplay between politics and religious values in Nigeria, a country with deep spiritual roots.

President Tinubu has not yet responded to Pastor Giwa’s remarks.

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