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INCREDIBLE: Baby Girl Born ‘Pregnant With 2 Growing Foetuses Inside Her (PHOTO)

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A woman recently gave birth to a baby girl who was discovered with a  mysterious medical condition which experts are still finding difficult to unravel after they found two growing foetuses inside her.

Doctors carried out a surgical operation on the new born baby when she was three weeks old and removed the growing twin foetuses.

The girl, born to Chinese mainland parents in Queen Elizabeth Hospital Hong Kong, had two foetuses, 8 to 10 weeks gestated, Metro UK reports.

The growing twins were said to have developed legs, arms, a spine, rib cage, intestines and covered in skin one weighed 14.2 grammes and the other 9.3 grammes – and each had an umbilical cord.

Baby girl born 'pregnant' with twins
A scan result showing the spine of each foetus highlighted with an arrow in this picture. (Photo Credit: Hong Kong Medical Journal)

The surgery was successful and the girl was discharged from hospital eight days later.

Experts said the condition, known as Foetus in Fetu occurs in just one in 500,000 births in the world and less than 200 cases have ever been reported.

A specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology, Dr Yu Kai-man said, ‘It was almost impossible to detect during the prenatal check-up, as the embryo inside the baby was too small.

‘Since it is impossible for the little girl to have conceived the pregnancy on her own, the fertilisation of the twin fetuses, of course, belongs to her parents, which has gone to the wrong place.’

The rare medical condition of the new born baby was linked to a probable multiple abortions from the mother since it was reported in the Hong Kong Medical Journal

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